Watch These Kids Find A Way To Ease World Hunger In Under 2 Minutes

If only the world would approach hunger like two kids at a kitchen table. In a social experiment by advocacy group Action Against Hunger, 20 children paired off in groups were told to wait near plates with serving covers over them. For more information on how to take action against world hunger go here. 


Project by Alex Taylor is a bot that is constantly viewing and sharing web content, represented as a 3D avatar:

Contentbot is a relentless virtual player in the attention economy, seeking out Hot New Content to engage with & share on a 24/7 basis. Meaningful tweets are occasionally constructed via rudimentary sentiment analysis.

View for yourself here

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There’s no faster way to start a brawl in Pathfinder than by asking for power armor or requesting to play a Gunslinger. Why though? Why does asking for things in the core rulebook which are supported in the world lead to such knee-jerk arguments? This piece in Crit Confirm examines some of the common arguments about why technology isn’t allowed in fantasy RPGs, and asks you to look at them from a different angle.