bUT can we all just take a second to think about what if LIAM started growing his hair out and we got CURLY LIAM with STUBBLE and SCRUFF AND THOSE MUSCLES CAN YOU IMAGINE

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it’s MY birthday but I’ll share it with you


Listening to Connor’s insomnia playlist and thinking of all the Tronnor moments.

Yes, I still love him, but I believe that love must not be possessive. Love must be selfless. I want to be happy for what makes him happy. I should not expect that he will love me in return. I should not expect anything from him anymore. I should know my role for him. I must take this love as a lesson for the future. I want to train myself to be matured in love. I want to grow in love. I want to train myself to be loyal, faithful and loving wife in the future. I want to learn from love. I want to make my life meaningful because of love. If he won’t accept my love, I will just share it to the world. But, it doesn’t mean that my love for him will go away. It just means that he will just be my inspiration. To love does not mean to change my relationship status. To love is to be patient. To love is a decision and a prayer that I will always repeat remembering.
—  An online journal entry about someone who probably does not know that I still love him. 

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24 and 26?

24. Telepathic soulbonding

26. Language Barrier

I haven’t written anything for these tropes, but I did do a type of twist on the language barrier in Ghost, when Shepard is reciting the Latin names of her bones as they make love (because she is a horrible person and thinks it would be hilarious if he developed a bone kink). That trope could be interesting to play with, especially in Mass Effect — at least on Earth, we’re all the same species, so even if we don’t recognize the subjects in a pun or idiom, we can still piece together the general meaning once it’s translated. But turians, asari, krogan — there’s no shared history, no shared world, so even after the languages have been decoded, you’d still have a huge gap in colloquialisms to bridge. 

And the rachni. They can’t even communicate in a way that’s analogous to the other races, unless they’re using their semi-telepathy to speak through a member of those races. Their songs have colors, flavors — that's the kind of language barrier I want to play with. 


I have a deep, abiding love for telepathic abilities in intimate relationships (thanks, Elfquest!), and since one of my OTPs includes a character who is canonically empathic, at the very least, I plan on playing with that a lot. Imagine April and Donnie, making love, and she decides to let go a little and share her pleasure with him and she completely blows his mind. 

A while ago, hotmilkytea and I were talking about what would happen if April could peer inside Donnie’s head (with his permission), and what she would find while she was there (spoiler alert: an entire mountain of his love for her), so I applied to that GaVG Donnie and April, and here is what my April would find (semi-spoilers for future-GaVG canon under the cut!):

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When you write and share your writing, you are putting a piece of yourself out there; it is an opportunity for an asynchronous connection between you and a virtual stranger. When you write about your fears, you are letting someone know that they are not alone facing those fears. When you write about overcoming difficult obstacles, you are giving some hope to someone out there that it is possible to do the same for themselves. When you write about your victories, you are making an example out of yourself — hey let’s aim for the stars, they are possible to reach sometimes. You are honoring yourself and your experiences. What could be better than to chronicle them somewhere and sharing them with the world?
You can be affectionate with each other, you can love each other and it doesn’t have to be some - you know, and even if it does turn into something, which it didn’t, then it’s okay… We always sort of flinch at this “bromance” buzzword that’s come up - there’s no equivalent for women, because it’s not weird if women are friends… because of this homosexual terror that straight guys have, it’s ridiculous. Now there has to be this word for it, and it’s crazy. It’s totally sad.
—  Simon Pegg on WTF with Marc Maron, speaking about his relationship with Nick Frost and his feelings on “bromance.” [x]

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