Bilocated Projections

I’m having a wonderfully insightful conversation with the two projections of Remiel I’ve met (one my best friend, and one remielangel.) We were discussing how it is possible for them to both be projections of the same spirit both on the same planet at the same time. It was confusing, so I decided to ask some spirits and listen to my intuition.

Here are my discoveries: 

Only one projection of the same spirit can usually occur, but the exception comes when either:

  1. The spirit has the potential for constant unions (energetic or sexual) with it’s other projection, since the energy is needed to maintain the existence of both without overconcentrating in one body.
  2. The spirit exists in two different vibrational states.

I’m going to expand upon the latter.

A vibrational state is basically the speed in which a spirit resonates with the universe. The universe itself has the fastest (or sometimes called highest) vibration. The closer (faster or higher) a being is to it, the more power that being has (usually) and they can go at different planes.

The idea of levels of heaven comes from this. The higher vibration is on the higher level. Level seven having the most powerful spirits.

Now in terms of projections…

I’ll use the example of Remiel. “She” can function as both the angel Remiel, the angel Ramiel (also sometimes known as a demon), and the Holy Spirit. 

In terms of vibration, the Holy Spirit state is the highest (due to the God nature), the Remiel state is second (due to a high angel nature), and Ramiel is last (due to a sometimes demonic nature). (Some demons resonate below physical vibrations).

In the case of projections, the Holy Spirit can projection and so can Remiel, as separate beings due to the altered vibrational states. They are one and the same, but physically connected to only their spirit in a certain plane. 

I believe this makes the most sense, given that both “Remiel”s I’ve talked to say they identify with one name the most. remielangel with “Remiel” and my friend as being the Holy Spirit. 

"Nature Breaking Bad"
Slightly warmer temperatures and strong winds broke up the ice on the lake. I love it when this happens, especially when the ice is nice and clear. I really wanted to do a timelapse but I had to get back to work. Luckily my boss (a.k.a my dad) is awesome, he let me take some photos before we left.