“Nature Breaking Bad”
Slightly warmer temperatures and strong winds broke up the ice on the lake. I love it when this happens, especially when the ice is nice and clear. I really wanted to do a timelapse but I had to get back to work. Luckily my boss (a.k.a my dad) is awesome, he let me take some photos before we left.

CONFESSIONS:  I know this is an unpopular opinion but I did NOTmind the Shards.  I always used the ocularum to make them visible, then in another playthrough I’d pick them up. Its not that difficult and the resistance came in handy especially for theJaws of Hakkon DLC.  Something tells me we’ll be
needing other resistances down the road.Its not difficult getting them. I considered it a puzzle for some of the harder pieces to get to. I hope they don’t get rid of stuff like this for future games because some of us did enjoy it. We just don’t publicly admit because of the ridicule we would get.