omg a short comic for this special day XD zexal AU

yuma lost with vector and him take his soul, nasch notice that and angry with vector notice him is different because he call him like “shaku”  so ryoga don’t want to accept the idea as vector and yuma now are one so he challenges him to a duel.

Shark won the duel and vector return the yuma’s soul, yuma wakes up and ryoga try to help him, but vector is laughing, nasch said yuma ignored him but yuma decide talk with vector.

Yuma said him he doing very well, because now remember all and he can help nasch on his war, Nasch not understand nothing, so yuma said him again, 

"now i can help you nasch because i’m the god from this world, you can still call me as Yuuma or Don Thousand"


OMG I CAN¿T BELIVE THIS BUT I show you this unfinished comic about zexal this had tentacleshipping and sharbaitshipping.

this manga or comic had 3 parts and this talk about as black mist drops yuma body through his fear and suffers black mist talk with vectorand that little shit help on this plan to yuma fall in the darkness because Vector still affect him and hurt him about his “frienship” yuma dessapear and shark know that thats why shark try to save him……

yuma on this part not remember his friends or nothing 

i dunno why i not continued this comic ^^u

parte 2

I have a awful idea to a AU of sharbaitshipping where yuma won the duel and Donny posses his body but yuma not want to hurt Nacsh but Donny decide miss up with his memories to forget all about ryoga but yuma with his kattobingu he decide stop Donny for himself into his body but unfortunately yuma forgot all and he is only a empty shell so nasch decide take care of yuma until he remember all his friendship and bond with nasch ;w;

I know I’m awful person for do this I regret nothing ;w; née Zai what did you think about this AU ;w;

Also so sorry for the bad quality of my camera of my iPod ;w;


other zexal halloween 

Zexal AU where barian world, astral world and the earth are united into one. so Astral who is yuma’s friend ask him about halloween and yuma decide show him how is that day, using Zexal adn go house and house for trick and treat.

However the lords barians are there too….

Don’t question me i just want to see yuuma or zexal ask for candies XDD 

lolo i doing on pencil zexal hallowen XD yuma use nasch’s costume and all barians use yuma’s costume because rio and durbe liked the idea.


Gilag: ….

Alit: yeah!!!

Durbe: “i hope do you like it nasch”

Mizael: “god dammit durbe”

Vector: jyan jyan hello “shaku….”

Yuma: Shark….. what is going on here?….

Shark: “god dammit yuma you too”…-Wheres you found that costume?

Yuma: Rio gave me.

Also astral is there in veld XP