Look what came in the mail today!!!!!!! MY SHINY NEW BRASS WARFRAME VOID KEY PENDANT (the extra loop on the back makes it a pendant ok)

This was originally a Zbrush sculpt that I had made and then sent in to Shapeways. What they do for their metals is 3D print with casting wax first and then do a legit metal pour into a plaster mold, just like lost wax sculptors do. So this is solid brass! It’s got a lovely weight to it, and a mirror shine.

It’s a little larger than I thought it’d be… so very hard to judge such a thing without a physical piece in front of you. However, because of its size, I am strongly considering inserting tritium vials into the glowy parts because holy shit tritium is so fucking cool go look it up


Bob the Insecticon Sneak Peek

Just uploaded this, which is currently awaiting approval for SuperFanArt, but here’s Bob the Insecticon, He’ll be available through Shapeways (in 2" and 3" versions) as soon as he’s approved, first for beta testing, then for normal sale.

In the meantime, my approved SuperFanArt designs are available here, and everything I’ve done for Shapeways is here.


Here we have the pictures of the first completed Fused Shadow ring! User mattyaj was kind enough to message me as soon as they bought one, after what seemed like mere seconds after I listed them on Shapeways, and I asked for some pictures when they received the final product.  Even I am impressed! The ring is available on Shapeways in this polished bronze, and a dozen other materials. There’s a couple ring sizes available right now, and I’m going to add more today. If you’d like one in a size you don’t see yet, just ask me, and I’ll get it uploaded as soon as possible.

UPDATE:  Looks like another one of the prints shipped out as well, rupeewallet was kind enough to let me one of their pictures of it as well.  They used the Premium Silver option, and it looks *exactly* like the renders.


I finished up my Captain Vor bobblehead at about 4 in the morning yesterday, but that left me with no time to take any studio style shots of the finished product before he made the 2 hour journey on the dashboard of my car to DE’s offices in London. 

As you can see, he made it there with me safely and has already claimed this napkin holder as his own in his new home. 

The deed is done.

(please hire me)