Alright, big update time!  I’ve uploaded the jewelery that I’ve made that is only composed of metal up on my Shapeways site.  This means you can buy them.  Right now!

Currently they’re only available in a couple sizes, but please, message me with what you need, and I’ll get them to the front of the line.  I’ll be rolling out different sizes over the next couple of days as well.  There’s a bunch of different materials, prices, and colors available, so you’re sure to find something that works.

I’d love to offer some of the other pieces, but those all require stones, and you can’t 3D print gemstones at this point in time.  Anyone interested in ordering one of *those*, just contact me here, and we’ll work something out.

But yea, right here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/Soahc And one of ‘em can be yours at the click of several buttons!

WIP: 3D-printed Majora’s Mask (piece 1 of 11)

My Majora’s Mask print arrived today from shapeways!  This is what it looked like straight out of the box - absolutely perfect.  The spikes aren’t printed yet, I am going to add those after I finish painting the piece pictured here.

Expect to see more soon!

Modeled By: ClothBender (myself)
Modeling Software: Blender 2.69
Printing Service: Shapeways
Material: Strong White and Flexible


Here we have the pictures of the first completed Fused Shadow ring! User mattyaj was kind enough to message me as soon as they bought one, after what seemed like mere seconds after I listed them on Shapeways, and I asked for some pictures when they received the final product.  Even I am impressed! The ring is available on Shapeways in this polished bronze, and a dozen other materials. There’s a couple ring sizes available right now, and I’m going to add more today. If you’d like one in a size you don’t see yet, just ask me, and I’ll get it uploaded as soon as possible.

UPDATE:  Looks like another one of the prints shipped out as well, rupeewallet was kind enough to let me one of their pictures of it as well.  They used the Premium Silver option, and it looks *exactly* like the renders.


Mira’s hair and hands, and Nails hands below.

These are raw high res 3-d prints, they’ve only been cleaned and still need to be sanded and primed, then sanded and primed, then sanded and primed, you get the idea :-)

With this printing technique the printer deposits a waxy support material that’s then washed away after the print is completed, If you look closely on the models you can see that some areas are shiny while others are frosted, the frosted areas are where the wax support material was deposited to hold up the odjects as they were printed. This material contains chemicals that inhibit the curing of silicone so its VERY important that all traces are removed before molding.

Anyone attending the Bishonen House pannel at DollAKon will be able to get a close up look at these (and a LOT more) :)

If you’d like to see more info on the printing process/material you can take a look here Shapeways Link