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"A year in posters” is a project by kreativøperativ. It  is a spontaneous project, inspired by love for good design. The idea was to create two posters a month throughout 2014. Themes in posters are in no relation with time of the year, although it might appear that way. They are the results of inspiration in a moment."

What you see and what you can make from it. Marko is the second perspective guy. Whatever needs to be built, it’s equally challenging and rewarding to enhance it. After 10 years of looking at things from a different angle, he enjoys design for one simple reason. Creativity breeds innovation, innovation breeds creativity. And this is one job where that wheel just keeps on turning.

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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 10.9.14

theme thursday: special home decor finds

3D light study mirrored piece with plants by abrightblack

today’s theme focuses on three finds that are totally unique home decor additions. this mirrored 'light study' by abrightblack features faceted glass mirror panels in geometric shapes and an accent of plants — so earthy and beautiful.