Fall Out Boy is about to kill me

Okay, so I have sight-sound synesthesia. That means that I see sounds. Well, it’s not EXACTLY seeing as in they’re a thing I see as being out and about in the world around me or anything, it’s more like seeing them “behind my eyes” as I’ve always put it. It’s kind of a separate sense altogether, in a way. Synesthesia is where the wires of perception get crossed and your senses overlap. So it’s kind of like a separate thing entirely; I see, I hear, and I synesthese. Sounds register as having color, shape, direction, depth, intensity, brightness, and they move in and out of the sense. For example, a well tuned middle A on a piano is spherical, rich royal blue, and comes in from behind and curves down until it flattens out into a ripple-like disc shape. Cello registers as a deep purple/mahogany color, and has a thick thread-like shape that fades out at the edges like someone blurred it in photoshop; for some reason, Josh Groban’s voice is extremely similar. I can also tell when something’s been autotuned cuz it looks like a scalene cone sort of thing (I know that’s not a thing but now it is). Everyone’s voice has a unique color and shape, and sometimes I notice the shape more than the color and vice versa. The cool thing is in music, the shapes and colors move with the melody, and it’s just really awesome to experience. It’s not something I notice ALL the time; most of the time it’s just there in the background, the way you feel air around you. You only notice when something’s unique about it– you feel the breeze, or if it’s cold or hot or something. It’s like that with the sightsound, too.

All that background is leading up to this: Today I bought the American Beauty/American Psycho album, and I got to Novocaine, and THAT THING THEY DO ON THE “FILLED IT UP WITH NOVOCAINE" LINE IS ACTUALLY LITERALLY 100% ABSOLUTELY THE COOLEST MOST AMAZING SOUND EVER IT’S BEAUTIFUL. I’m seriously freaking the heck out over it, I’ve listened to this song 12x in a row I kid you not, I just can’t get over it!!!!!!

Patrick’s voice to begin with is seriously one of my favorite things because it’s the shape I notice most– it’s really fun and unique, cuz it’s sharp. Not sure how else to describe it, but it’s got sharp points and tips, but all really close together. And the edges of it are like torn paper, and it sits at the top of my ‘line of sight;’ I don’t notice the color that much, it’s kind of a bright intense redgreenblack??? I don’t know, it’s hard to describe, and I can’t find a swatch that matches. But that “filled it up with novocaine,” it just swoops back and shears the edges like a razor blade and it leaves this shredded, frayed gradient of black and silver and grey tatters, and the way it curves toward the back under one layer and then loops around back toward the front and then shoots up and trails off into the top and kind of explodes on “just stuck” and falls down on everything, and the way the drums pool out behind it the whole time with this deep dark red ripple disk and I AM ACTUALLY DYING OVER HERE IM FREAKING OUT SO MUCH IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND I CAN’T EVEN DRAW IT CUZ I CAN’T DRAW IN 3D UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH

Having a similar though slightly toned down freak out over that part in Uma Thurman where it goes “I slept in last nights clothes and tomorrow’s dreams,” cuz that spikes so clearly up and down over and under that bottom base line that’s humming along in the back, and it’s like watching someone wrap a ribbon around a rail but with big points instead of soft curves and it just hangs there and GAH



I can’t stress to most that all contouring and highlighting is different because very face isn’t the same, it’s ok to look at (you tube) videos for more insight but its all about practice. once you become acclimated with the shapes of the faces  then you start to learn the blending process in high school i learned form an esthetician so i lucked up because i learned the inner and outer beauty of the face but somewhere along the line i got uninterested and now here i am back at it but just trine take baby steps. i have the knowledge i just need to practice, practice my hands are in so many projects i have to take the time but until then i will be creating a (you tube) channel on my journey :) 

womenincomfortableshoes asked:

I'm only just starting to get into processing and generative art so I'd honestly find anything useful or interesting at this point. Just outlining some of your favorite techniques/sketches and how they work would be awesome though.

Sure thing. One idea I’ve been trying out lately is generating custom shapes. Processing has built in shapes like circles and rects, but you can also create them one vertex at a time. In this example, rather than manually set each vertex’s position, I’m setting them inside a loop, which determines the number of vertexes in the shape, with random variation in the x and y values to keep things interesting. If you put this inside the draw function, you’ll see slightly different shapes appear each time.

int x = width/2,
    y = height/2,
    lineLength = 24;
for (int i=0; i<6; i++) {
    int direction = int(random(0,3));
    if (direction == 0) {
      x = x + lineLength;
      y = y + lineLength;
    } else if (direction == 1) {
      x = x + lineLength;
      y = y - lineLength;
    } else if (direction == 2) {
      x = x - lineLength;
      y = y - lineLength;
    } else if (direction == 3) {
      x = x - lineLength;
      y = y + lineLength;

digamma-f-wau asked:

Would it be reasonable to assume that season 2 is also split up into two haves (season 2A being full disclosure to episode 78, season 2B being episode 79 to episode 104)?

Yes, BUT at Steven Universe we’ve also divided the seasons into shapes:

Episodes 1-26 are Season Octagon.  27-47 are Season Parallelogram.  48-52 are Season Square.  Episode 53 is Season Circle, except in the UK where it’s The Queen’s Sphere (and Mr. Smiley named Mr. Brifflepuff).  Episodes 54-69 are Season Irregular Decagon. 70-85 is Season Equilateral Triangle.  86-104 is Season Tetrahedron.  

Please use these classifications from now on when discussing Steven Universe.