Square peg, round hole.

Hey, my name is Nikkie. This page is dedicated to fashion for real people. Not the women in magazines who are a size 4 or 6, not the women with no shape, but the women who have curves. The pears, the apples, the triangles, the hourglasses, you name it!

Little bit of a rant now. It gets to a point when you go shopping when you give up trying to find something you like, and you settle for ‘The Safe Option’ when you originally went to find something that shows off what you’ve got.
Here are the options you are given:
- It shows off your chest, but hides your waist. (Great I look like I’m wearing a tent.)
- It shows off your waist but doesn’t fit your chest (If I breathe the seams will surely go!)
- It fits your hips but it doesn’t fit your waist. (OK I’ll put a belt on)
- You can’t get past your hips. (OH GOD I’M FAT!)
And as far as dresses go, well lets just say I’m short, so the majority of the time, I look like a bauble.

To solve this, I have created a blog which posts updates on that 8% of the fashion world that create clothes for the shapely.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.