Nurture Studies by Diana Scherer

With ‘Nurture Studies’ the artist Diana Scherer presents an archive of flowers she has grown from seed over a six-month period. Rather than letting the flowers grow in open soil, she has forced each plant to develop within the confines of a vase. Only at the end of the process she removes the plant’s corset, exposing roots that retain their shape as an evocation of the now absent vase.



Web tech designed to handle data related to the human body for websites and apps. Theoretically has implications related to online identity, from the personal to the commercial:

BodyKit is a collection of APIs and embeddable components that allows you to virtualize, analyze, and simulate any human body. With BodyKit, you can tap into years of R&D on human shape and pose from within your own website or application. This versatile toolset can power anything from early-stage prototypes or lightweight applications to large-scale platforms.

At the Bodykit website there is an online demo to play around with a human scan and edit their physical attributes. You can try it out and find out more here