jaxblade asked:

Okay heres the question since we both answered what that guy asked yesterday between Traditional and MMA who do you think would win in a street Fight, a Shaolin Monk who's been training since he was 4 or a MMA fighter who's been practicing as a kid. Both are serious no holds barred. Who wins? I have my answer but Im curious bout yours haha

It’s always hard to call these things. I’m more inclined to say the MMA fighter (if we’re assuming the Big Four as his base: Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu), because he will have had more matches that are closer to actual fights than the monk. Plus, if it’s on the street, a well-place hip toss, outside reap, or double leg on the concrete is just a bad day all the way around. And once it’s on the ground, most kung fu is not equipped to deal with the skill set of BJJ or submission wrestling. 

That’s obviously my opinion, but I’d say the last 25 years of martial arts history has compiled pretty good empirical evidence for mixed fighters (i.e.- stand-up and ground skills together) winning against most kung fu practitioners.