Movie drama- ShanTon

Shannon’s POV

I’m sitting on the couch at the mansion watching TV when Colton comes over and sits next to me. “Hey” I say. “hiya” he replies as he starts playing with my hair. “Sooooooo” I say after a few minutes of comfortable silence. “Yes?” he asks. “Do you want to do something today? It’s our day off and I have nothing planned.” I ask… Nervously? Why am I nervous? He can probably hear my heart beat. “Sure” he states “Like what?” “I don’t know how about… A movie!” why did I suggest a movie? That is like date city. I really don’t want to feel awkward. “Okay!” he says excitedly “We can see that new movie ummm what’s it called? Oh the Dictator!” “I’m not old enough to buy a ticket to that silly!” I say and ruffle his hair. “I can buy your ticket for you!” he states. “Thanks” I say. “So do you want to go out to lunch first?” he asks. “Of course! Isn’t that what people do before they go to the movies?” I ask. ‘Yeah that’s what people on dates do’ I remind myself. “So let’s go!” he says as he jumps up and reaches for my hand. I smile and take it.

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that-one-romantic-novelist said:

Would you rather travel around the world or do the job you've always wanted to to

Travel for sure! 

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  • 1D ship: Niall
  • 1D ship name: Shanall
  • Random band ship: Eric Dill (the click five)
  • Random song: Lying is the most fun… -Panic! at the Disco
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The Ice Bucket Challenge and social media virality

The Ice Bucket Challenge and social media virality

The Ice Bucket Challenge and social media virality

By Shanton Chang, University of Melbourne

The news that broke last night of the accidental death of the Ice Bucket Challenge pioneer, Corey Griffin, has come as a shock.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, where people film themselves or friends dumping a bucket of ice on themselves and then donate money to a charitable cause, became a worldwide phenomenon…

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