Movie drama- ShanTon

Shannon’s POV

I’m sitting on the couch at the mansion watching TV when Colton comes over and sits next to me. “Hey” I say. “hiya” he replies as he starts playing with my hair. “Sooooooo” I say after a few minutes of comfortable silence. “Yes?” he asks. “Do you want to do something today? It’s our day off and I have nothing planned.” I ask… Nervously? Why am I nervous? He can probably hear my heart beat. “Sure” he states “Like what?” “I don’t know how about… A movie!” why did I suggest a movie? That is like date city. I really don’t want to feel awkward. “Okay!” he says excitedly “We can see that new movie ummm what’s it called? Oh the Dictator!” “I’m not old enough to buy a ticket to that silly!” I say and ruffle his hair. “I can buy your ticket for you!” he states. “Thanks” I say. “So do you want to go out to lunch first?” he asks. “Of course! Isn’t that what people do before they go to the movies?” I ask. ‘Yeah that’s what people on dates do’ I remind myself. “So let’s go!” he says as he jumps up and reaches for my hand. I smile and take it.

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achilles-heelys said:

hi can i have your url you haven't been on in like two years, whenever you see this please answer me. my name is shanton and i would really like this url ok thank you.