• Nathan:This song is for all the single people out there, you know, i'm single myself and its a bit sad
  • Fans:AWWWW nath we love you!
  • Jay:aw he's using this gig as an internet dating site
  • Nathan:I like long walks on the beach....
  • Jay:and he's really good in the sack!
  • *all the boys give him a weird look*
  • Jay:wait a seond..
  • Nathan:wait how would you know!?
Expect the unexpected

Getting over a break up song- All Time Low

Love Song- Heart Vacancy 

"shit relationships confuse me" song- Lose My Mind

Happy “Share the love” song- Gold Forever

Rave/sexytime song- Glad You Came

You’re really fit and i might “love” you song- Lightning 

"You fucked up the relationship we’re done" song- Warzone



I haven’t been able to listen to this song start too finish in awhile 

Heart Vacancy will always be a damn good song


over the past almost year I’ve been blessed enough to experience some of the most amazing things and meet some of the best people in the whole world, I dare you to try and argue me on that. Here are clearly just a few (some just are too stubborn to take pictures) but the amount of people around the country and around the world that I havent even been able to hug due to timezones (arent they bitches) are just as important to me. 

I’m being adorable which never happens but it had to be said 

This is insane

almost two years ago, two years, I found out about this boy band who soon became my musical obsession. I never had any dream in the world of ever seeing them live and I was ok with sitting here being a fan from afar. 

Fast forward to today and their first US EP came out and its selling out. I’ve seen them live 3 times, have tickets to see them a 4th and am buying tickets friday for a 5th. I’ve met them, I spent time with them alone in a tiny room having a serious conversation. Hell I’ve grabbed nathan sykes’ ass (again by accident i promise) and touched tom’s tattoo. I’ve made some of the best friends I could have asked for. 

Shanstin texts...
  • Me:The inside of my nose itches
  • Kris:That's awkward
  • Me:It like kinda hurts
  • Kris:That's bad. You should probably try to fix that
  • Me:I will trrrrrrriiiiiiiiyyyyyyy to fix it
  • Kris:Oh lord
  • Me:The tears are gonna stream
  • Kris:Down your face
  • Me:Then I'll go down on Tom
  • Kris:That will make you feel much better
  • Me:I'll make him feel better
  • Kris:He'll be glad he came