First Snow

After a late night of karaoke-singing, V and I weaved our way through the dark alleys of beiyuanr back home.  Some of the school gates close at 9pm, so we had to walk farther than usual.  The air was particularly crisp then, and I remember seeing twinkling stars in the sky.  Once we entered the little forest where we reside, our path was re-lighted by the recently installed white globes hanging from pseudo-old fashioned street lamps.  Despite the darkness, Taigu is quite lovely by night.

This reminds me, during the installation of these new lamps, a beloved clerk at the foreign affairs office called up my co-fellow, strictly forbidding her from going outside at night, as there were holes in the ground.  Her advice to Charlotte was simply “don’t fall into the holes!” I sort of laughed-off her advice when I heard it, but after walking outside I realized that “hole” was a severe understatement.  The forest was lined with a series of 2-foot trenches that workers were furiously digging at.  And as if that weren’t enough, piles of dirt skillfully obscured these wicked trenches, which could throw off any unwary passer-by (eh, moi).  I am proud to say I have not fallen into one yet.

Anyway, after our excursion to karaoke, I woke up the next morning to 1. Someone near the library practicing a screeching violin (?) viola (?) at the crack of dawn and 2. beautiful, soft snow covering campus!  This picture is taken from a friend, who went around with Charlotte taking pictures of the beautiful snow.  I have some coming up soon, too.


Today in Shipherd Lounge, Purvi Patel (Graduate Resident Director of Program Houses) and Daniel Tam-Claiborne (OC ‘09, Shansi Returned Fellow) spoke of their experiences studying in Afghanistan and China, respectively. Attendees ate pizza from Lorenzo’s and asked Purvi and Daniel questions about their experiences, including questions about culture shock and language barriers. The event was organized by Asia House RA Tania Mukherjee (‘14).

The Alumni in Service to Oberlin College (ASOC) program welcomes Jesse Gerstin ’07 back to campus this weekend. He will be joining Sarah Krier ’00 for a panel about Environment and Public Health in Asia, discussing their experiences as Oberlin Shansi Fellows. Jesse is the Global Coordinator for the Clinton Foundation’s Forestry Program, overseeing projects in Southeast Asia and East Africa.

I am an island of volcanic rock
Stubborn and deliberate
But always moving, changing
Never the same existence

Inside me lives a volcano
Magma flows beneath my skin
Chars and burns me from inside
Threatens to escape its cage

I can be destruction and rage
Destroy everything in my path
My emotions incite panic
And leave ashes in their wake

I could burn you, destroy you
But I wouldn’t want to
If you could be my ocean
Even when my emotions erupt

—  Shansie Sherazi (@mentalspindle)

Hello loves,

We’ve been a little busy this school year here at actuallygt, but don’t worry — we’re still here! I’ve been doing lots of studying for a busy week, so we’ll still be a tad slow for a bit to come, but we are always here if you want to ask/submit anything! We’re here to support you. :)

<3 Shansie

Join us this January for a custom exploration of Vietnam and Cambodia with Gavin Tritt, executive director of Oberlin Shansi. Explore one of the most remarkable man-made structures in the world, Angkor Wat, as well as several other stunning Khmer ruins. Take a cyclo rickshaw tour of Hanoi’s Old Quarter and attend a water puppet show. Cruise along the Huong River surrounding Hue City and visit ancient Buddhist pagodas. Visit the Imperial City of the Nguyen Dynasty with a Vietnamese specialist. Stroll through the bustling Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh with a local chef to buy ingredients that will be used during a hands-on Vietnamese cooking class in his private kitchen. An extension to Laos with tours of colonial era architecture, opulent pagodas, impressive temples and the mystical Tham Ting caves is also being offered.

Learn about our upcoming tour to Southeast Asia.

I wrote you a note
So I wouldn’t forget
To tell you the things
I never spoke

It started out simple
“You make me smile”
With a joke and a riddle
We hadn’t told in a while

It grew as we did
To hold secrets
And dreams
of seeing your face

Or how I forget the color
But never the shape
Of your eyes
And your smile lines

And hearing your breath
How it calms me
To have proof
That you’re alive

How a picture makes it real
Like I’m almost there
To see it and you
With my own eyes

—  On long distance friendships/relationships - Shansie Sherazi
Obirin Gakuen Foundation of America looking for alumni

米国在住の桜美林学園の同窓生、およびShansi と RJのAlumniの皆さま、桜美林学園アメリカ財団(では、米国内のObiriner networkを広げるために、かつて桜美林に在籍し、現在米国在住の方を探しています。Obirinerのみなさんは、桜美林学園アメリカ財団の仙波由加里(まで是非ご連絡ください。
Obirin Gakuen Foundation of America(OGFA) is looking for Alumni of J. F. Oberlin University (Obirin), Shansi and RJ who are living in the USA to expand the Obiriner US network. If you have…

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The Campus and Outreach Coordinator will play a key role in expanding Shansi relationships and outreach with local, national, and international partners. This will include developing, maintaining, and expanding Shansi’s tools for managing key relationships with former Fellows, Oberlin College, Shansi Friends, international partner institutions, Northern Ohio partners, and others.

• The applicant must possess a Bachelor’s degree.

• Preference will be given to candidates with experience in international communications/relations, cross-cultural communications, education, or Asian studies.

• A successful applicant should be able to demonstrate an ability to work effectively with undergraduate students, foreign nationals, college faculty and staff, and volunteers.

Applications will be accepted until Monday, July 22. Click the link for the full job description.

aileuromania said:

"There's nowhere we can hide."

Sorry, aileuromania, for a long delay. Reality bites |:<

Shansi grumbled, pushing the thought away. She tried to reason: there’s no need to hide. There’s need to run, and rest, and recover. 
Thinking was hard under the constant assault of panic, sourcing in a tiny, thin Sith Pureblood in torn clothes sitting in the corner. She has been like that since Shansi dragged her out of the rubble. Blank eyes stared into nothing as she hugged her knees. 
The Pureblood has also been emanating constant waves of oppressing fear, and that was getting on Shansi’s nerves.


- Meh, don’t be so pessimistic. The Galaxy is a big place. Do you really think everybody got time to look for some silly doofus of a Sith?

Mu’hass tilted his head and smiled at his niece.

- It’s just that Phobis thing is still in your head. Can’t blame. And, sorry. I should have been there for you.

*Rammas looked up at him*

- It’s OK. You wouldn’t had had a chance against Khuna, not with his ghost powers.


- Hide? Who said we’re going to hide like some cowards? We’re not hiding, we’re just waiting for the right moment.

Bestia slammed her fist into the table, backing the point.

- It’s them who should crawl somewhere and preferably die before I get them.

anonymous said:

shansi rom gkondes, ras shecvlidi shens warsulshi,rom momavalshi imit damtkbarikaviს არ გავაუქმებდი და ახლა მშვენიერი შემოსავალიც მექნებოდა :დ 

J. Russell Smith Orchard in Virginia

Of the 2,000 [persimmon] cultivars known in China, cuttings of 52, from the provinces of Honan, Shensi and Shansi, were brought into the United States in 1914. J. Russell Smith, an esteemed economic-geographer, collected a number of types near the Great Wall of China in 1925 and some of the trees still survive in his derelict orchard in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southern Virginia.
Morton, J. 1987. Japanese Persimmon. p. 411–416

Anyone from southern Virginia around here? Does this place exist? That would be amazing.