"Everybody has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were" Thank you for making me the strongest I can be and always believing in me, I won’t let you down💙 #WCW #shannonsangel #fuckcancer

3 Days, 60 Miles…. I’m so glad I got to cheer these women on while they started the 3 day walk this morning. I’m so proud of them for raising the money and doing this for the second year in memory of mom and others that have battled breast cancer. Good luck on your journey, I love you all so mucchh❤ #shannonsangel #fuckcancer #3daywalk #susangkomen

I check up on my mom’s facebook every once in a while just to try to go back in time and see things from her point of view. And every now and then someone will have posted something to her wall like this… to this day, it still amazes me that she had this kind of impact on people. I miss you so incredibly much #fuckcancer #shannonsangel #amazing

Wow, here we are two years later and this picture still gets to me… it seems like it was just last month that we were all sitting around in the hospital with visiting family from all over town, sharing stories and laughing as we pretended the nights at the hospital were just sleepovers, and going to chemo appointments together while counting down the days till you had your last “poisoning.” It seems as if it were just last week that we were planning your service that you beforehand insisted on calling a “celebration of your life” because you didn’t want anyone to be upset if something actually happened to you. Either way, you never let anyone believe you were going anywhere anytime soon. I remember as if it were yesterday that we were walking down the isle to the front of that church as I tried to fathom the reality of our loss… the loss of such an amazing and incredibly strong inspiration that will remain in our hearts forever💙 Today is the second anniversary of you being gone and instead of being upset that you’re no longer here, we are celebrating for the time we got to spend with you and the memories that will never be forgotten. I love you Mom💖😙 #shannonsangel #fuckcancer #ripmom 7.29.2012

One of my all time favorite pictures, going through something like this reminds me how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life to get me through the hard times. Nothing I go through will ever be as hard as this time and it’s given me the strength to be who I am today💖 I miss you so incredibly much #fuckcancer #shannonsangel #loveyou