shannondorf said:

What are your favorite books?


Holy Christ, I have so many favourites that I actually always forget about half of them, does that make sense?

Atonement, The Lovely Bones, Let The Right One In, The Great Gatsby, The Virgin Suicides, The Road, We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, The Gashlycrumb Tinies, Matilda, all the Harry Potters of course, A Room Of One’s Own, The Cement Garden, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Hound of the Baskervilles, 1984, Never Let Me Go, This Side of Paradise, No Country For Old Men, Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Weetzie Bat, Frankenstein, The Bell Jar, Possession, The Tale of Desperaux, Peter Rabbit, The Shipping News, Boy/Going Solo, Dubliners, Brave New World, Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, To Kill a Mockingbird and approximately 246818175729173785 other ones that aren’t occurring to me right now…

all of this doesn’t include poetry and plays and other beautiful things i love, oh god I JUST LOVE AMAZING WORDS CAN I JUST WALLOW IN THEM FOREVER

i draw a lot of Mia, but I never finish any of it. D: I’m so razy.

Mia is Hika’s LoX character. I LOOOVE ROBAWWTS.

i refound this and was going to finish it… but I forgot that i know nothing about LoX. OTL

Mon entrée quotidienne: No1

 I had a conversation with a girl I really like last night. She means the world to me, consistently caring, and loving, she is always cheering me up. She brought up the idea of starting to journal, to possibly help overcome my recent depression. 

I do not enjoy writing journals, and upon many attempts to do so over the years, I never follow through. 

After conversing with the woman whom I adore, I fell asleep. With my eyed repeatedly moving (REM) whilst I was sleeping, I began to dream. 

In this dream I arrived at a fancy bistro restaurant and immediately recognized my old best friend, who is currently dating my ex-fiance. He flagged me down and I hid my head, but did not succeed in escaping. Rushing over with his arm over my shoulder, he offered me a beer and I explained to him how I’ve been sober for quite some time and thanked him for the offer. I quickly stood up and headed out the door and ran into my other group of friends in high school. Everyone called us the besties.

Next thing you know, i’m at my Tia’s house and my mother is hassling me on how pathetic my life is and how I need to spend more time with her and live with her forever. I spoke up and the conversation got heated, she kicked me out and I found my way to Southern California.

I arrived at my ex co-worker’s apartment. The buildings looked as if the same building had been copy and pasted into Photoshop millions of times like a typical south boulevard in Malibu circa 1979 or something. Anyways, I started moving my stuff into his living room, when I got the urge to ride my bike downtown. 

Cruising down the cracked streets alongside the beach, my cell phone rang in my pocket. I answered and it was Shannon, the girl who I previously had a conversation with about journals. She tolled me she wanted to see me and was heading down to California, mind you she lives in Washington. I instantly got really giddy and excited and sat down on the grass next to me, I think I was at Venice Beach or something. And there she was, gliding down a small hill on a vintage pair of roller skates, wearing a short red dress, soaking wet from head to toe. Smelling of salt water and human breathe, she rolled up and with a smile gave me a hug. 

I woke up.

This, no, she inspired me to actually put effort into doing this. And I plan continuing to do so.