R.I.P Shania Grey

R.I.P Shania. and please guys it’s not a race thing when it comes to Amanda and Shania’s stories. At least I don’t see it that way coming from a African American female. but I can’t speak for every black person of course. But please just try to remember her, and her life.

I don’t understand how someone can tell another person that they barely know to kill themselves. Everybody makes mistakes, unfortunately some of them are broadcasted to the public. People these days do not understand the weight of their words or actions, the do not understand consequences, they don’t know what its like, to have someone’s life rest on their conscious. Trust me, speaking from a personal experience, the feeling makes you sick to the stomach. They don’t know what its like to feel so responsible for another individuals life, its almost as if the value of human life is becoming insignificant and disposable. As we make bigger social connections, and the view of each individual becomes more cursory and we don’t realize that despite all the labels and mistakes we are all human. Nobody can genuinely wish death upon a normal individual after seeing their daily lives, their moments of happiness and weakness, to see that we are not much different from each other, and if you ‘re one of those individuals who can, I suggest you go get some counseling. This is not specified to the death of Amanda Todd, this is for all social media sites and for those kids sitting behind a computer spewing out crap. For you kids out there who think its okay for somebody to die on your whim, next time do yourself a favor, if really wish for someone to die, go right ahead and go buy knife, and walk up to the person, and see if you have the balls to do it, I bet you don’t. Don’t use a gun, guns are too quick, with a gun you don’t have to look at the person in the eyes and see what kind of fucked up person you are. For the person contemplating suicide, think about it. Is it worth it? Having a permanent solution to a temporary problem? Also R.I.P Shania Grey prayers to your family.