As previously announced, Art+ Shanghai Gallery has the pleasure to present new works by Ye Hongxing starting September 7, 2014! Titled The Fantasy Factory, the origin of this exhibition lies in the technique used by the Beijing-based artist, who explores the creative process of fantasy through mixed media works of stickers on canvas. At once whimsy and witty, her creations cannot help but tease: What’s real and what’s fantasy? Do you ever know for sure?

Fantasy is ideological flight of fancy, but more fundamentally, it is the re-contextualization of the real in a fantastical mode. The fantastical is where menageries of images, thoughts, and discoveries battle harmoniously in rich compositions, and where the mythical melds with problem-riddled reality.

Part ideal, part statement, and part provocation. Ye Hongxing’s approach mixes bits of her urban surroundings with a healthy dose of imagination and mindful creativity to be relatable to a  wide audience. Gas masks, kama sutra, models, tigers, and stilettos mingle in a pop jungle where polluted skies and over-the-top fashions co-exist in a world that is both real and fantastical.

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery to celebrate the new art season with The Fantasy Factory!