Yongkang Pork Buns, Shanghai


My favorite pork bun place in Shanghai was torn down and replaced by a 7-11! I was so pissed!!

So I had to find a new one. And I did.

We were walking towards Yongkang Lu, which is a street full of expat bars, when I saw this…


Could it be…?



Made by hand right in front of you by these two ladies…


Stuffed with scallions, pork and secret spices…


Got my bag of buns…


Good to the last bao…


Mouthwatering, meat-filled magic…


And only 20 cents each!!

I can’t give you an exact address for this joint, but if you go to the end of the bar block on Yongkang Lu, so you’re standing in front of El Luchador, cross the street and this place is three doors down on the left hand side of the street. Good luck!


The right to perform! 8 Shanghai street artists now legal

Some ‪Shanghai‬ ‪street‬ ‪performers‬ no longer have to worry about being chased away by urban management officials… well eight of them anyway, as long as they have a license.

The city has begun a pilot program to issue certificates to eight “outstanding” street artists. All eight of them.

With the ‘green pass’, the first 8 artists with specialties like singing and magic, can finally have their “official” ‪‎performances‬ in ‪‎public‬ spaces.

Read more: http://wp.me/p4xlGl-20s

Human tower rises beside iconic Shanghai building

It was a sight to behold for the residents of Shanghai as nearly 200 acrobats came together to build a #humantower beside the city’s iconic#OrientalPearl TV Tower on Sunday.

The performers were part of the Taohuazhuang Human Tower Club, a team of acrobats from Zhejiang Province.

Inspired by similar performances in Spain, Qian Anhua founded the club in 2009. Since then, it’s been a long journey to becoming a premier entertainment group.

Read more: http://www.cctvnews.cn/2014/10/29/human-tower-rises-beside-iconic-shanghai-building/

MEJIBRAY - 聖夜狂響祭 Halloween Party comment
English Translation :

Koichi: Hai 
Tsuzuku: Hello, this is MEJIBRAY 
Koichi: It's MEJIBRAY
Tsuzuku: Im vocalist Tsuzuku 
MiA: Hello desu
Koichi : Hello desu 
*points to meto* Hello desu 
Tsuzuku : *starts speaking* 
Koichi : They won't understand, everyone in shanghai doesn't understand 
Tsuzuku: This is MiA. This is Koichi. This is Meto 
Koichi: Thank you 
Tsuzuku: Anyway, MEJIBRAY is about to go to shanghai, do you guys have anything to say? 
Koichi: Talking about shanghai, I really want to see pandas. Panda and panda knocking each other and bamboo and bamboo knocking each other. 
Tsuzuku: BAMBOO ... Are you okay? BAMBOO
Tsuzuku: Anyway this is MEJIBRAY's first time overseas. Like always, we will perform like usual. Please give us guidance. Wait for us!