Congratulations to Art+ Shanghai Gallery artist Huang Yulong, who held his first Hong Kong solo exhibition Null a few weeks ago during Art Central/Art Basel weekend in Hong Kong! His sculptures combine urban hip-hop imagery with traditional Asian motifs, bringing together East and West in works of bronze and porcelain. His works are also currently on display in Art+ Shanghai Gallery’s group exhibition Still in Shanghai!

"Bamboo is a symbol of a straight upward man … with honor, you know, like a real gentleman. In fact it is one of the four gentlemen (the four seasons) and the bamboo represents the summer with it’s flexibility; it has the perfect balance of grace and strength, or the Yin and the Yang."

"When the storm comes the bamboo bends with the wind and when it’s gone it returns to it’s upright position without loosing it’s original position, like an inspiration to a strong nation. The bamboo does not produce fruits nor flowers, it’s simple but humble … the young branches at the top of the bamboo trunk will not grow at the same angle as the older branches below, in order to allow sunlight for their elders "

"I am a calligraphy artist and my favorite theme is the bamboo!
By the way would you like to check out my paintings maybe buy some from me?”

… there is no place in my backpack, but I might spread the word.

"Nice, well tell them, that I often hang out by these bamboos in Gucheng Park."





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Lee Jong Suk holds a record-breaking fan meeting in Shanghai with 800,000 live-streaming fans

March 31, 2015 @ 3:49 am

Many viewers fell in love with Lee Jong Suk as the lovable high schooler in ‘I Hear Your Voice' and the charming reporter in 'Pinocchio’, and Shanghai fans are no exception! On March 28, Lee Jong Suk’s ‘2015 Asia Tour in Shanghai' took place at Luwan Gymnasium with a ton of fans in attendance and a total of 800,000 live-streaming fans!

From the time the event began at 7:30pm and 2 hours after, 800,000 fans watched it live, setting a new record! Now that’s the power of Lee Jong Suk.

March 31 is Lee Jong Suk’s fifth anniversary since his debut as an actor. Some fans held up a placard that read, "The 5 years you were here have been really good," written in Korean, moving Lee Jong Suk.

Lee Jong Suk said, “It’s nice that I can be with the fans who weren’t able to make it through this live streaming. I had heard about fans who weren’t able to come because they weren’t feeling well or they lived too far through letters. I was wondering how I would repay them [for their support], and I felt regret. So I’m so happy to hear that so many people were able to join in through the live streaming. Thank you so much.”

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Don’t you wish you were at the Shanghai fan meeting?

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NPR’s Frank Langfitt has been driving Chinese people around Shanghai so he can meet a variety of people and better understand the rapidly changing country. 

Recently, he took his experiment to a new level when he drove an engaged couple, Rocky and Xiao Piao, back home to Hubei province in central China for Chinese New Year – and to attend their wedding.

A Reporter Chauffeurs A Chinese Couple 500 Miles To Their Rural Wedding

Photo credit: Frank Langfitt/NPR


Park Shin Hye: “2015 Dream of Angel in Shanghai. #The most handsome Young Gwang Oppa. I didn’t realized how many times I choked up during yesterday’s fanmeeting. I cried when I saw a surprised video message from the members of the Pinocchio Team.. I thought that was wonderful. Wow.. when Young Gwang Oppa came out onstage I thought I saw a ghost.. I was so pleasantly surprised that I can only scream and cry.. thank you so much Oppaa puhehehe.. he came to China as part of his schedule~😁😁 he’s the best, this was one of the best fanmeeting ever >_< Thank you so much to all the fans for their endless love for the chuchuchu queen-ka ❤️”