Making friends; (CA open)

Zack figured one of the best ways to pass the time while stuck here was to make a friend or two. And there were plenty of people out today, plenty to just walk up to and introduce himself to.

Which is pretty much exactly what he did. With a friendly smile on his face, he walked up to the first person who locked eyes with him and introduced himself.

"Oh hi there! I’m new here, name’s Zack, Zack Fair." He lent his hand out to shake the other’s. "Nice to meet ya!"


He sure hoped he wasn’t about to make a fool out of himself.

Himari was released from the introduction room with nothing but the delicate blue dress she was wearing and a few leftover bills in her pocket from her trip to the market. Everything would be in her new home, she was told. Just moments ago, it seemed she was in her own little house, dozing off to the hum of the television. Science was truly remarkable. The door she had exited from was no longer in sight, confirming that she had no choice but to participate.

Himari gawked at the endless rows of buildings above and around her. Masses of people flooded the streets, they reminded her of schools of fish at the aquarium. Seldom did she leave her house and when she did it was rarely to the city. She felt a tinge of loneliness, being in such an enormous area without knowing anyone. However, loneliness wasn’t all she felt. A craving for adventure, though small, ran through her body. It was an opportunity to make new friends and that thought pleased her. She took comfort in knowing everyone else walking the streets was part of the experiment as well.

Soon, she would tire out and have to find her assigned apartment through such a maze. She wished the scientist man had given her a map. What was his name again? She couldn’t recall. The majority of the speech had gone over her head. For now, all she could do was read each sign and hope one would lead her to her destination.

In her absent-minded stroll, her arm collided with someone else’s, knocking them both slightly sideways. She reeled around and exclaimed hurriedly, “Oh! Excuse me! I’m sorry I wasn’t looking-“



shanbalileh replied to your post: “You are my new roommate?” 

“I like my clothes,” Yamada challenged. She frowned and folded her arms defiantly. “And I live here. I can’t… just… leave…” This wasn’t the type of roommate she wanted. This girl was the exact opposite of motherly and caring.

I don’t like them.” The Princess mirrored the frown. “They’re disgustingly tacky.” How cruel of the scientists, to make her share an apartment with such an unfashionable brat. “If you can’t leave, make it seem like you are not here.” It was a simple, reasonable suggestion. 


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"So many…" Himari’s eyes widened with surprise. They must be in the same situation as her. Actually- what was her situation? Where were her brothers? She recalled the unusual introduction, she was in an experiment now? She let the man’s strange words replay in her mind for a moment but quickly returned her attention back to the others. The last thing she wanted to do was make a bad first impression on her potential friends! “Hello! My name is Himari Takakura,” she introduced herself, keeping her typical lighthearted manner despite her confusion. “What’s yours’?”

shanbalileh said:

"You are my new roommate?" Yamada asked. Frankly, Yamada did not want a flashy roommate. In fact, the girl seemed outright scary to her, as she was so far from what Yamada was used to seeing in girls her age. "Where are your pants?"

Roommate? No, no that wouldn’t do. 

"Do not bring into question my clothing, you wench. Look at your own poor excuse for clothes." The Princess pointed a sharp finger at the girl.


"Now leave. We are no longer roommates." 

shanbalileh said:

"I dare you to walk around the streets while doing a penguin impression."

"In the street? O-okay." Himari said hesitantly. She stuck out her chest and put her legs close together, her feet slightly outward. She placed her hands at her sides and made the best bill she could with her lips. "Kyu kyu," she attempted to waddle, not getting far. "Kyu kyu kyu." She waddled a few more wobbly steps before turning around and asking, "Is this enough?"

shanbalileh said:

"Himari, do you have any spare dishes?" Yamada asked, looking at her friend pathetically. "Mine all broke. Could I borrow some?"

Big surprise.


"I don’t have any clean ones right now. I still need to wash them from dinner. Sorry Yamada. " Which was mostly true!  After dinner, she just didn’t feel like cleaning. But maybe it would be better if she didn’t get any more plates… 

shanbalileh said:

At random: 21, 45, 7.

21. Turn-ons? Turn-offs?


45. Superstitions or views on the occult?

Himari isn’t very superstitious but she is gullible and tends to fall for stories of such things. But then again, some of the crazy things she’s seen in her life, I wouldn’t blame her.

7. Favorite way to waste time and feelings surrounding wasting time

When Himari feels like wasting time she’ll lie on the couch, watch television, or knit (if that counts as wasting time…). She doesn’t do too much beside cook and knit anyway since she stays at home all day. But she doesn’t like to sit around if she can be doing something more productive.


Character name: Yamada Aoi

Series: Working!!

Brief biography: Yamada tells everyone she is sixteen years old. It is unknown whether Yamada is even her real name, as common as it is. She tells others that her family died in a fire, but that is a lie. She ran away from home and was found by the owner of the Wagnaria Restaurant and taken in. Yamada is constantly stating that she wants a real family, a perfect family, a better family. She easily latches on to anyone who seems to be a good candidate. She slacks off in almost anything she does, and is immature. Yamada takes to clinging onto others instead of doing her own work. When she came to the Wagnaria she was offered a job waitressing and, although she had never worked a day in her life, took the job. She lived in the attic of the Wagnaria because she was without a home. Every time the owner returned, Aoi asked him if he would adopt her, but each time he eagerly avoided the question. She does not like being looked down upon, as she often is, and is unable to do anything to make others look upon her in any other way.

Character role (from the standpoint of the series they come from: protagonist, antagonist, antihero, supporting): Supporting

Are you transferring?: No

If so, who are you retaining memories of?: -

3-5 personality traits: Mooch, Troublemaker, Clingy, Overconfident, Childish

3-5 abilities your character possesses (if your character has powers): (We ask that you are very, VERY, descriptive of this part. Maybe more descriptive then each other section. Otherwise, you might not be pleased with how we cut your powers off.) – Yamada does not possess any powers. 

Weapon of choice: -

Quick RP sample:

Aoi liked to do a lot of things. Okay, maybe not too many things, but there was most certainly a handful of things that she indeed did like doing. One of which was sitting. Sitting upstairs, in her attic, to be exact. She liked sitting and eating the food from the Wagnaria. It was hers, because her fork had touched it, and that’s how things went, right? No one wanted to have her food after it had been touched by her own germs. So she shoveled in another mouthful of the fresh-cooked meal and put the plate aside. She liked being alone up here, but sometimes it felt kind of isolated. That is, unless she could hear the familiar rattle-tat-tat of the dishwasher going, or someone running into a waitress and having the plate fall from the tray. That was a familiar sound. Mostly because it happened to Yamada a lot. And it was usually her plate falling. But anyway, Yamada looked over to her bed, where her most prized possession lay sleeping. Daisy. The little bear had been a gift, and Yamada considered it her first step to having a real family. It all started with a bear. And she was the bear’s Mama. Soon Yamada herself would have a mama, or maybe a father if she was lucky. Yamada really just wanted someone who would love her. For right now, Daisy did that as best as she could, but really, what much could a bear do? Yamada smiled at her, waved, and then descended down her attic ladder-way. 

She had to sneak, because if anyone caught her with the cleared plate she would get into some serious trouble. She was always getting into trouble, and Yamada hated being yelled at. She was going to be their boss’s daughter, didn’t they know? She shouldn’t be treated so belligerently. Yamada peeked around the corner of the kitchen, pleased to see everyone’s backs turned. She tiptoed forward, edging the plate over the side of the sink. There. Now no one would know where it’d come from. She went to turn away, went to sneak slowly back to where she came from when—

A uniform similar to hers appeared straight at eye level. Ah. She’d been caught. 

“Please be nice to Yamada,” she said, flinching.

Welcome, your housing is currently under apartment M-1

Enjoy your stay!

— Mod oo8