I can’t imagine they’re going to keep those two apart. They’re such a wonderful couple.
—  Jim parsons speaks on The View about THE SHAMY

I have this overwhelming urge to watch all the TBBT episodes from S4-S8 and try to analyze what’s going on Shamy-wise when Sheldon is wearing his “73″ shirt. I swear it appears during the big Shamy moments.

Am I going crazy? Maybe.

Is it September yet? No?

How about now?

soo awkward question but does anyone know whether jim parsons is gay or bisexual? Because a lot of people will call someone gay for dating someone of the same gender when they could be bi. I’m sorry this is a dumb question but it’s bugging me that no one seems to know on google and I’m seeing this bi-erasure all over the place and it’s annoying as fuck and I’m not even bi myself. I apologize to bi people everywhere experiencing this crap.