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I absolutly love your storys. Would you als write a shamy fic where they have sex? I mean not graphically explained but I would love to read more than just kissing and second base <3

Hi!  Thanks for the prompt.  I have to say that there might be a second story for this prompt later today.  My normal stance is that I won’t write smut for prompts, and you’ll see that’s the case in this story (the other one… we’ll see).  Please enjoy. 

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Awww Shamy Lenny and Howardette

I just read the TR and honestly, this sp plot is just so pointless and worthless, like that will never make ppl stop shipping sh*nny, they will NEVER get the point. They will just freak out by the looks and smiles and THAT LINE s/p shared and ignore the whole point at the end. As always. its like the laundry room scene, the “let’s get divorced” scene, “we are not a couple” scene etc ALLL over again.

It just feels very uncomfortable now at this point of the show and after all developments of this season. And if I shipped sh*nny I wouldn’t be happy either.

Like I get that lenny and shamy are strong and all and that makes sense s/p doing this thing, but was this “experiment” even needed in the first place? The writers should’ve thought of something better imo. It just weird and uncomfortable.

I normally like to think I have no interest in this ridiculous shipping drama but I just want to say a thing: Shenny shippers are still here. We will always be here no matter how much Sheldon loves Amy or how long Lenny plans their wedding. We are still here, we’re never going away, and sorry not sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.

P.S. We know it’s never going to happen. Still here.