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What are your Shamy headcannons?

*rolls back sleeves* I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED

  • sheldon bought the ring for amy after the prom equivalency with the uncashed checks in his desk drawer. he realized that not only was this the next logical step in their relationship, but also that he truly can’t live without her
  • when sheldon took that picture of amy for his screensaver he told her it was “for science” but she had a sneaking suspicion it was for another reason
  • sheldon loses his mind over amy while they’re on their break, and after a few weeks of not speaking to each other he races to her apartment and pours his heart out to her because he’s miserable and she’s the best thing that ever happened to him. there are tears and “i love yous” and desperate hugs and kisses
  • after making up, sheldon is more gentle and amy is more confident; they slowly begin to move away from the regimented relationship agreement
  • their sleepovers eventually move from the fort to each other’s beds (just sleeping, nothing else). sheldon would never admit it, but he has trouble sleeping when amy’s not there now
  • their wedding is the fancy, extravagant affair that amy always wanted, and sheldon lets her sort the details out because he is the luckiest man in the world just to be able to marry her and nothing else matters

Jim on The View

I swear to God if we have been put through this hiatus then it comes back and Sheldon & Amy’s break has been swept under a rug OR we find out that Sheldon only got the ring to “appease” Amy, I will genuinely rip my hair out. I’ll record it, send the video to the writers and say “this is your fault”. I’m not fucking kidding. (Don’t hold me to this, please).

Hi.Can you write a prompt where Sheldon struggles in their honeymoon to get it on and yet he did it almost smoothly? Thanks.(Does it make sense?:) )

It makes perfect sense maykitshel! I hope this is what you had in mind. Warning it is kind of spicy….

Sheldon sits on the edge of the bed in the hotel still in his tuxedo. It all seems a bit dreamlike just a few hours ago he married the woman of his dreams. Amy had looked so beautiful as she walked down the aisle towards him he thought his heart had stopped. Now he thought his heart might beat out of his chest as he waits for Amy to come back into the room.

This was the night, they had agreed that they had made it this far that they could wait for their wedding night to finally be intimate. They had done plenty of practicing, kissing until their lips were swollen. Exploring each others still clothed bodies with their hands. There had been times when she had drove him so crazy that he almost gave into temptation. Yet he had stood his ground, Sheldon Cooper was the master of his own body and he could wait until his wedding night to give in and let his body have what it had so desperately craved for so long.

The night was finally here and Sheldon was both nervous and excited sits on the bed. Suddenly the thought occurs to him that he should be doing something to prepare for the event. Should he remove his clothing now? He takes off his suit jacket and begins on the buttons of his shirt but he stops. The idea of Amy walking into the room and seeing him buck naked in the bed is highly embarrassing to him. So he stops and leaves his shirt slightly unbuttoned revealing The Flash t-shirt underneath. It had been a funny all the guys had worn super hero t-shirts under their Tuxes and in one of the photos they are pulling their shirts apart revealing them. This shirt is particularly special to him it is the one he wore the first time she kissed him. The first time he felt the stirring within him that told him he was not just a man of science after all.

Amy walks into the room looking if at all possible more heart achingly beautiful then she had a few hours ago in her wedding dress. She is wearing a long white nightgown that is made of silk and lace. It clings to her body like a glove and he can see the outline of her breasts almost as if she is not wearing any clothes at all.

“Do you like it?” she asks her voice husky. “It was a wedding gift, it is more revealing then what I am used too.” She says spinning around and his eyes bug out of his head when he sees the effect the material has on her delectable rear end.

“You look wonderful.” He gulps barely trusting his voice to speak. He is back to where he was two years ago on the night he first told her that he loved her. Wanting her so badly, being so turned on he thought he might ignite into flames, but so terrified at the same time. He had so many doubts, not about her, but about himself. He may be naïve at times but he was not unaware that a woman expected certain things from her partner. Things he was not sure that he knew how to give.

“So do you.” She tells him going over to the bed and sitting next to him.

“I know, I look like the Flash getting ready to get married.” He says smirking at her.

“You are the Flash who just got married.” Amy says giggling the sound of her laughter one of his favorite sounds. He has to be honest with her about his fears, she deserves that.

“Amy, about tonight…” he starts grabbing her hand and stroking the ring on her finger.

“Sheldon, it is okay if you are scared, I am scared too.”

“You are?”

“Remember this is my first time too. I am worried I won’t know what to do that you won’t enjoy yourself.”

“You see I am worried about the opposite. What if I am having the time of my life and you are making lists in your mind trying not to act to grossed out by what is happening to your body..”

“Sheldon, I don’t think anything you do to me will gross me out.” She tells him and he turns to her and places his hand on her thigh running it up higher feeling her body through the material making her shiver.

“I just know you have been waiting for this day for a long time, I just don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Let’s just take it slow, if we don’t do it tonight then it is not the end of the world. We are married now, we have the rest of our life’s.” Amy tells him and he smiles at her.

“Has anyone ever told you how wonderful you are?” he says moving to kiss her softly on the mouth and she responds by climbing in his lap. Wrapping her hands around his neck and pulling his face closer to hers.

“Just you.” she whispers against his mouth kissing him softly. He kisses her back light pecks at first on her mouth on her cheeks down her neck, across her collar bone. One hand gripping her back side keeping her in place as the other roams her body. Amy’s hands are locked around his neck, then she sits up and unbuttons his shirt the rest of the way peeling it off his arms.

“Do you want me to take off this shirt too.” He asks and she shakes her head yes. He pulls off his t-shirt, this is as nude as he has ever been in front of her. Amy pulls him close again kissing him deeply and he groans in response. The feel of her silk clad body against his is beyond comparison, the way her soft body feels against his chest. The material is so thin it is almost like she is wearing nothing at all. He runs his hands down her legs and back up again pulling the material up as he goes, his mouth never leaving hers. He gets the nightgown hitched around her waist and looks into her eyes asking her without words. Amy understands the silent plea and pulls the material up tugging off the nightgown and she is nude save for a pair of white panties that barely qualify as underwear at all.

Sheldon lays down pulling her with him so that they are laying side by side. He looks deep into her eyes it reminds if of the intimacy test he took only this time he is sure that it is love. Her eyes are deep green and so full of love and compassion he could look into them forever. He knows that if he asked her to stop now, she would no questions asked. That she wouldn’t pout or berate him for being less of a man. Only he has no intention of stopping and he pulls her body close against his, relishing the way she feels. Her hands roam down his back feeling each ridge and muscle and they settle of the waist band of his pants.

“I want to see you.” She says and he shakes his head in assent not trusting his voice for words as she undoes his pants and he helps her pull them down.

Now they are both just in their underwear and he kisses her again rolling her gently onto her back as he climbs on top of her. His body covers hers, and he kisses her as he lets his hands explore her body cupping her breasts and she moans against his mouth. Spurred on he dips his head down and kisses each one, pulling her nipple into his mouth. Amy writhes beneath him and as he works on her breasts her hands move to his front pulling down his underwear and finding their quarry. He freezes, it is the first time a hand other then his own has touched him so intimately.

“Do you want me to stop.” She asks looking up at him.

“No.” he breathes. “Please don’t.” Amy continues her actions and he knows that his breathe his getting erratic and heavy. It feels good, he barely lets himself touch him like this and if she continues much longer then they won’t consummate tonight. “Ok stop.” He says and she lets go of him. Then he pulls dow her panties and strokes her gently surprised by the silky soft feel, and her responses to the action. “Do you like that?” he asks.

“Yes, very much,” she gasps as he continues touching her, bringing his head down and drawing her nipple into his mouth once more. Her hands are clamped around his neck and her nails dig softly into his flesh as she calls out his name whimpering softly afterwards.

“Are you ready?” he asks hovering over her.

“Yes.” She says looking into his eyes.

“You will tell me if I hurt you?” he asks pleading with her

“Sheldon, you won’t hurt me.” She tells him taking him into her hand and guiding him inside her. Connected he feels like he is imploding from the inside the pleasure is so intense that he sees stars. He moves slowly at first so afraid that he will hurt her. He looks down at her face trying to gauge her reactions but facial expressions are so hard for him. She is either greatly enjoying herself or she is in intense pain, he starts to panic trying to decide which it is.

“Are you sure?” He asks concerned “It looks like I am hurting you.”

“Believe me Sheldon I am feeling a lot of things but hurt is not one of them.” She tells him gripping onto his shoulders. Spurred on by her words and actions he quickens his pace causing her to call out. Unable to contain himself any longer he finds his release with her. Staring into her eyes, not knowing what to say now. The experience had been earth shattering, paradigm shifting and he is already looking forward to when they can try again.

“There that wasn’t so bad now was it.” Amy says breaking the tension, the humor in her deep green eyes making them sparkle. His faces breaks into a smile and he tickles her ribs as he rolls to lay beside her.

“No, I would say the experience was a lot of things, but bad was not one of them.”

Afterwards he holds her tightly in his arms her head on his chest as he softy stokes her hair. He can tell she is asleep by the quiet way she breathes. Sheldon tries to decide if he feels different, he is a married man now. Many would say that after finally consummating their relationship he is finally a man now. Sheldon rejects that notion he had always been a man, but If at all possible he feels closer to her. They have now shared everything together, there are no secrets now, no parts unexplored .He lies next to her waiting for the panic to settle in. For him to feel the need to scream,and run away. He finds that it is gone and all that remains is a sort of blissful calm, his body feels languid and sated. The inner turmoil about the act is no longer there, he feels silly for letting his fear about it control him for so long. There was nothing dirty about it, nothing shameful, it had been the ultimate act of love.

“I love you, Dr. Amy Cooper.” He whispers to her as he drifts off to sleep with his new bride in his arms.

I can’t imagine they’re going to keep those two apart. They’re such a wonderful couple.
—  Jim parsons speaks on The View about THE SHAMY

Omg guys I just met Anna Todd she is the sweetest human being on earth! She said “how are you” and my friend replied “she’s writing her first fanfiction!” So she asked what it was about and I said “Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory” and she said “OH THAT’S SO COOL” and I said “I only wrote 10 chapters I don’t know how you do to write so much” and she laughed and said “me neither” then we talked a few more seconds we took this picture and before I left she shouted “GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BOOK!”
Zklfnknkdnjdh AAAAHHHHH! Best day eveeeerrrrrrr!