It’s been over a year and a half since I stopped using shampoo.
The top row of images is over the past few days. And the bottom are from when I first stopped using shampoo (no product/styling for any of them).
The first pictures (right) in each row were take the day after I washed my hair and the next two are the third and fourth days after washing it.

I don’t think going shampoo-less is for everyone, but I am so fucking happy I did. Now I just wash my hair once a week and it never gets as greasy as it did after only a couple days when I used shampoo. And it’s so much softer and fluffier. I sound like a spokes-person, but fuck yes those first few nasty hair months were worth it.

Does anyone know a way to wash your hair naturally? aka "going shampooless"

I’ve heard of stories of girls not washing their hair with man made shampoos anymore and using all nature made products and having their hair become like amazingly shiny, healthy, soft.
If any one has a shampooless story or know of someone who has please please tell me?!
I feel like all these shampoos that I use make my hair worse not better, and I have to use like a bajillion products after to re moisturize my hair!

I’m doing the no shampoo routine, and I’m at the part where I have to wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar. IT FEELS INCREDIBLE when I’m actually washing my hair, but afterwards… ugh. My hair just needs to find its natural balance already and stop being so gross.

I think I need to do less baking soda and more vinegar next time… my hair is very dryyyyyyyyyy right now.

Contemplating going shampoo-less and doing the baking soda and apple cider vinegar route. 
My hair’s naturally very thick and kind of a frizzy, wavy mess. I’m assuming being dried out from shampoo and conditioner has to do with this. 
I have no sense of smell so I’m a little concerned my hair will smell like vinegar to others…
Anyone doing this that can offer tips would be greatly appreciated.  

Here we go!

I’m about to stop using shampoo and conditioner, which sounds crazy, but is it really any crazier than paying money to pour chemicals onto your body on a daily basis?

Baking soda and apple cider vinegar…let’s do this! Plus it sounds like a cool science fair experiment.

But what will probably happen is that you may start to consider to question all the silly things you’ve been taught you whole life. Yes, even shampoo has been sold to us. We’ve bought the idea and culture of ‘clean’ hair, but it turns out mother nature already takes care of it for us.

Hot water and a good head rub and scrub can go a long way.



But yeah, I’m gonna try going shampooless for at least a month. We’ll see how this goes…