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but tbh i was never a huge fan of the ross/rachel dynamic because it was creepy how entitled he felt to her and how possessive he was, and never really seemed to understand that rachel was her own person and all. i guess i was more a fan of monica and chandler getting together

he was possessive and jealous towards the end of their relationship, it was a shame they decided to end it that way.. the writers were probably looking for reasons to break them up and decided to go the ‘insanely jealous boyfriend’ route… but in all fairness, rachel always felt entitled to ross’ attention and affection… every time ross tried to move on with his life rachel found a way to pull him back in… i don’t understand why people see ross as this creepy dude who doesn’t know when to back off

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I've recently had my hands start to cack out on me, so it was really nice to see your post about your mobility scooter and the public. I'm really sorry you have to deal with that kind of behavior. Mine hasn't been super terrible, but trying to deal with my teachers is just consistently shameful and awful. So like, yeah. There are work-arounds, ways to deal while alone, being in public is just so exhausting.

And I think it’s important that we talk about it, because maybe, if we all keep doing exactly that, people will eventually back the fuck off on the judging.

when ppl are like “its so embarrassing having a blog dedicated to __________”

u cn think that but dont like , continuously talk abt it in a way tht shames other ppl, some ppl are already really anxious about how much they like a celebrity/band/group/etc ://

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Do you feel a bit ashamed because all those people who said you got engaged too early were right??

Why should I feel shame I’m any way? And no, ‘everyone’ was not right, for starters its not anyone’s place to pass judgement in the first place, it was nobody business but ours, because how can anyone judge a relationship based on a few pictures or videos they’ve seen on the Internet and it’s very unfair to base the outcome of a relationship purely based on age. Age had absolutely nothing to do with why we broke up, and nobody had any clue what happened other than us, and very close friends, and I have absolutely no regret for what happened. We’re very good friends, and still see each other all the time, and honestly I think that’s what we where always intended to be, because we’re great as friends, and we’ve both gone on to be with people who are a lot better for us and we’re both very happy with. We’ll probably still always be in each others lives, It just took this time to realise it was meant to be I’m a non romantic way.

On portrayal

A few days ago, there was a little disruption in our little world. Without naming names, one person who doesn’t care for a certain portrayal of a character vented his frustrations which lead to a few raised eyebrows. From what I see, it was only a little hiccup and things returned to normal not long after but I’d still like to share my thoughts regarding the scenario.

First: Nobody should be bullied or shamed for the way they portray a character, original or canon.

Now this didn’t happen(at least it didn’t look like it to me.) but it’s no less of an important thing to say. Fact of the matter is that there’s going to be some variation of what we like/dislike in a character and that will lead to variations in portrayal, and that isn’t a bad thing, in fact it’s good that one RP blog featuring a character won’t be like another blog that features the same character as it feeds into a diversity that is good for all of us. For myself, this diversity has lead to a few blogs that I’ve really come to love and appreciate in a way that I would have likely not thought of/considered before, which is awesome.

Now that isn’t to say that we have to like the differing portrayals, as taste is a subjective thing which makes me a little sympathetic to the person who wanted to let out some steam, after all I’ve seen enough drawings/art/ect. of lewd material concerning Jack and Rhys that I could make my own bingo board and not being particularly keen with those portrayals, I can understand if someone might be frustrated. Does that mean I want such portrayals and those that like them gone? Not at all, please stick around and enjoy yourselves.

Ultimately I think we should all be a little more understanding, understanding that some folks like portraying a character in a way that doesn’t fall in line to the original iteration and understanding that some folks might be a little fatigued with the aforementioned portrayals. Just keep it cool <3.

A man cannot marry the one who was married to his dad

“And marry not women whom your fathers married, except what has already passed; indeed it was shameful and most hateful, and an evil way” [al-Nisa’ 4:22].

Letchworth Village Cemetery (photograph by George F/Flickr)

A memorial at the cemetery of the abandoned Letchworth Village in Rockland County, New York, reads: “Those Who Shall Not Be Forgotten.” T-shaped markers made of now-rusting metal are each embossed with a number, which according to Abandoned NYC, wasn’t just an act of simplicity or bureaucracy, but a way of hiding names due to family shame. Letchworth Village opened in 1911 as a residential facility for the disabled, both mentally and physically, but closed in 1996 after years of reported abuse and a lack of funding.

Drawing Meme/Prompt Thing

1. “I’m telling you - the guy was a complete stranger, just walked up and gave me the bag.”

2. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to see it through.”

3. “There’s someone in the house!”

4. “Does he know about the baby?”

5. “The way you flirt is shameful.”

6. “I did a pregnancy test.”

7. “What do you mean, he’s escaped?”

8. “H-how long have you been standing there?”

9. “For some reason, I’m attracted to you.”

10. “Give me one good reason why I should wear a dress.”

11. “She’s old and it’s about time she died.”

12. “Are you drunk?”

13. “Can I kiss you?”

14. “I just want this.”

15. “Please don’t argue.”

Any pairing goes. I’m going to regret saying that. (Except for splintercest-that’s the only one I won’t do. Sorry)

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Wow, I thought you liked Robin and OQ. Now you're convinced he was trying to kill Regina back in Season 3? I think that is completely fetched and totally disagree with you. It's a shame that you're smearing his character this way. What on earth started this? Is it because you don't like OQ now that A&E wrote the ridiculous story of Robin sleeping with "Marian" and making a baby with Zelena?

Wow.  Wow.  So I get the best anons.  Wait.  No … that’s not the right word.  I’m not sure what the word I’m looking for it.

If you had perhaps actually read the meta attached to the theory that he was shooting at her at the farmhouse you would know that I don’t think it’s bad for Outlaw Queen.  I think it makes Outlaw Queen more interesting and I think it makes Robin’s character more interesting.  And it’s hardly smearing his character to suggest that before he knew Regina he would want to kill her.  I’d wager most people would like to kill Regina before she meets them.  And many after.  

The true love pair that is at odds at first is a classic idea of fiction.  Snow greeted David with head trauma on their first meeting.  What I am arguing is that in a moment of opportunity he took a chance to kill the woman he knew killed his wife.  And when that didn’t work, like a good outlaw, he tried to talk his way out of it.  And he met a woman who wasn’t anything like what he expected.  That’s a lot more romantic than just assuming he was dangerously incompetent firing arrows at people he couldn’t identify or that he mistook a woman with black straight hair for a woman with curly red hair.  And a completely different accent.  Which he knew.  

And frankly… you can go fuck off for questioning my shipping preferences.  Especially when the posts involve have zero to do with the 4B plot.

honestly, theatre kids need to calm the fuck down with their blatant elitism and the thought that they have some sort of secret organization of high-cultured students who are better than everyone else because they love musicals more than television.

stop being mean to the new kid in your drama club. stop judging people whose favorite musical is wicked. stop shaming other actors for singing/acting/dancing something a different way. please calm down, you are no better than anybody else.

Ugh after seeing all this fat shaming talk lemme just point or why it’s dumb as FUCK and rude. Okay so say someone has a thyroid condition and was born with a larger body type due to genetics. How easy do you think it would be for them to lose weight? It would be pretty difficult in the damn first place and you shaming their bodies with your privileged self doesn’t fucking help them at all. So think twice before shaming someone, you don’t know their story. That person is probably way prettier than you on the outside AND inside.

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skinny people are privileged. the world caters on skinny people. Many clothing stores are for smaller people. it sounds better to say "Im a size small" than "Im a size large". Ive never once heard someone tell anyone theyre skinny as an insult. Fat is used as an insult. People see fat people as "weak" because apparently "They can't control themselves around food" Skinny people are seen as "Inspirations" because "wow you must work so hard to keep your body like that" skinny shaming doesn't exist

Wow… like just wow! I’m sorry, you probably don’t mean it in a bad way and I really don’t want what I’m going to say to come off rude but… you’re wrong. Skinny shaming does exist. And I know it’s not as known as fat shaming but it hurts people the same way and it is real.

I, myself, am a skinny person and I have experienced skinny shaming. From 6 to 18 I’ve been asked why I’m so skinny; I’ve been casually called ‘anorexic’, ‘flat’ and 'a bag of bones’ in the corridors… that was just how people called me.

And don’t ever think that it was a compliment because it wasn’t. When I was 15, I decided that I had had enough and that I wanted to put on some weight so that people would see I wasn’t anorexic. For six entire months I ate like I was three people and I managed to gain 5 kilos (around 11 pounds).

After six months spent binging, my stomach gave up on me and I spent a whole weekend throwing up… I lost 7 kilos (more than 15 pounds) in three days and ended up at the hospital because after that my body was too weak…

Long story short, I’ve been trying to recover from a binge eating disorder for the past year and a half…
So please don’t tell me that skinny shaming doesn’t exist, don’t tell me that skinny people are privileged…

At the end of the day, people are people and they’ll always find something to talk about.

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