shalastry asked:

Has Badr ever "tested" you & if so how did you handle that situation?

Badr can be a bit stubborn sometimes, but he never really tested me or my parents. So I’m afraid I can’t really answer this question.

shalastry asked:

I LOVE that series! I remember when there was only gonna be i think 3 books total and then Cassandra said there were gonna be more. But I haven't been able to read any of them yet, even though i saw one in the store. I also like her clockwork series, but i'm not finished with that either. Who is your favorite character? I like both Jace, Simon, and Alec. CAN'T DECIDE.

I like Simon best, though I never pictured Robbie as Simon before…tbh I imagined all of the characters from scratch, except for Sebastian (who I pictured as Ben Barnes), so I’m surprised and happy to think of Robbie as Simon!

I’ve read the first three books and have the others but my sister in law stole them so I can’t read them yet =_= I need to read them before the movie comes out though