Things on my agenda
  • edit two episodes of The Shakeytown Radio Hour
  • confirm podcast bookings for the rest of the summer
  • finalize details for a possible film screening/Q&A moderated by my favorite living writer
  • mail out Fair Dig orders and submission for reviews (including a package for Jody Chandler with enough extras to attempt to properly honor how awesome & supportive she’s been)
  • email interview questions to two CrossFit athletes who also happen to have produced some of my favorite art 
  • catch up on my International Zine Month activities and Tumblr updates
  • catch up on my CrossFit journaling and accountability blogging
  • return to CrossFit Merge after an absence from illness
  • get me some Chris Pratt abs

Who else loved L.A. Zine Fest?!  Luther the Kitten!  (Coincidentally kittens are ardent supporters of The Shakeytown Radio Hour, Unemployed Ninja, Fair Dig, and Ivan the Viking).

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I Heart Hiroshima - Shakeytown

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Oh, hey, it’s a Shakeytown Radio Minute, which much like jazz, has lots of riffing. I share my love of the musician’s lifestyle and plans for a Vegas writing adventure. Gene details the joys and trials of daddyhood. BFH has got something to say, he pulled the string on a talking Mork doll today. 

This week’s new episode of The Shakeytown Radio Hour: racism on trains, hoodies on comics and my hilarious pal Lizzy Pilcher!  As always Gene George, Brodie Foster Hubbard and Bob Schriner join me.  Plenty of laughs, plenty of tangents, but eventually all the questions of the universe are answered.  Everything you never knew you wanted. But you do!