My 10, 8 and 7 year old siblings just performed a scene from Macbeth for us. Halfway through my sister stabbed my brother and he died. My Mom asked why he died because it wasn’t in the script. They replied, “It’s Macbeth Mom, everyone has to die.”

Othello Livestream announcement

What: The Globe’s production of Othello, starring Eamonn Walker  and Tim McInnerny

When: Sunday the 31st of of August at Noon PST, which is 3:00 PM EST and 8:00 PM in London.

As usual, I’ll be setting stream a half hour early and stream some music or something until the start time. This should give me time to iron out any unexpected livestream doomies, and you guys time to log in and kick livestream in the shins if it’s being doomy for you.


How: You will need to sign in to livestream to watch, and livestream can be a tad befuddling. If you have an account on, it won’t work and you’ll need to get one on

Here sits one hella frustrated slore… 

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I’m re watching the Hollow Crown beach scene for reasons which should, by this point, be self explanatory.

I’m still disappointed that the bit where he writes “Richard” in the sand cuts off before he does the D, because swoopy mediaeval Ds are the coolest.

And the way he keeps fussing with his sleeves, I’m sure it’s cute or something, but I do Whishaw fannishness differently than most. So the way he keeps fussing with his sleeves while he’s practically drifting around the other characters in the beginning of the scene has so much of this otherworldliness stuff wrapped up in it. Clothes always look too big on Whishaw, and an actor fuddling with old fashioned clothes is common because they’re simply not used to wearing them. But in this case, it’s a character thing. Whishaw’s Richard wears kingship, it’s something separate from himself, but he doesn’t know it’s separate. The wearing kingship thing is most evident with the gold armour later, but it’s true through the whole production, and the more insecure his position as king is, the less naturally he wears his clothes.


Lovely Death: Romance, sword fights, the iconic balcony scene, a tiny bit of light comedy, an opulent masquerade ball, and (depending on the staging) some fairly steamy love scenes…whether in traditional romantic ballet or a more contemporary Prokoviev version, Romeo & Juliet danced on stage takes off from the high school literature class drudgery everyone recalls, and becomes this colorful — then incredibly dark — treat for the eyes and ears. But for all the loveliness, how does anyone manage not to get a lump in their throat or a tear in their eye during the climactic death scenes? Young love is a beautiful thing. Doomed love is another thing altogether. “I will kiss they lips; Haply some poison yet doth hang on them…O happy dagger! This is my sheath; there rust, and let me die.”