The first artwork containing more than one character, and I already made a sex scene. Well, that escalated quickly.
These are characters from :iconshaganfury: RP. Dalance belongs to her, and Rayhe is my character. There is no story behind this particular scene, I just wanted to illustrate something intimate with them.
Usually I don’t enjoy any romance options in any RPG, but here I like it and it is really entertaining and interesting, since both characters are rather “difficult” in private life and they fell in loe in quite unusuall conditions.
When they met, Dalance was pretty much depressed, apathic, quiet and reserved, maybe you may even say that she had a long lasting nervous breakdown after past few years - from fulfilling the nerevarine prophecy, to fighting with people, which used to be her allies. Quiet, distant, prefering to be alone and almost always remaining silent, unnoticed, she had little willpower left in her. She was living and fighting just because it was “her duty” and because she “had to”.
Rayhe is an introvert, who used to spend most of his time alone, working, researching, training, etc. He is an Ashlander and member of great house Telvanni - he spent all his life on Vvardenfell, mostly around ashlands or grazelands. While he acts confident and snarky, he is actually rather socially awkward and timid person, who finds it very difficult to trust. Moreover, he’s demisexual… - which means, that he’s unable to experience sexual attraction unless he forms a strong emotional connection with someone. Whole thing was new and rather overwhelming for him, since he never even tried to court or pick up anybody.
They were forced to travel to Cyrodiil, where they became parts of a huge plot involving necromancers invasion in the rebuilded Kvatch, ancient artifact and other epic stuff. While Dalance was on brink of complete breakdown, Rayhe was simply terrified of world around him - things he never knew, which were actually another face of the enemy of his people - the Empire. Both fought alone, not trusting allies, or learning that they should not trust them, and at some point of the story they simply allied with each other, just to surive. Dalance promised to keep Rayhe alive and to return him back to Morrowind, and he wanted to help her, first a saint, later a friend, and at the and a crush. They fought together in battle which was not even their own, protected each other no matter of costs, and trying to support each other. Artifact wasn’t important anymore - the real case was to get out alive with the partner. When everything was over, they traveled back to Morrowind, and it was then, when Rayhe decided to admit his feelings towards her. To Dalance, when she wasn’t even thinking about any “tomorrow” or about any kind of long-term relationship it was a bit of shock, and she doubted that she’ll be a right person for such thing. Yet she agreed, and it turned out, that she was wrong, since everything worked out pretty well.
It was interesting to see how both characters were changing with time, how Dalance managed to stand up and started to “live” again, with determination, willpower, strength and hope, and how Rayhe became more confident, mature and started to feel “valuable” as a man and a partner. And what is best about the whole story, is the fact, that this romance was based neither on any kind of “charm”, physical attraction, nor on “love from first sight” - it was respect, trust and friendship, really strong emotional bonds, which slowly evolved into love, pretty innocent and shy, yet growing more mature and intense with every passing day.

Funny fact: It took Rayhe three attempts to tell Dalance about his feelings. All were hilarious because of his shyness and total lack of experience xD


A small gift, which I did for a friend. We have this small tradition, that every time we see each other, we give another one something - a trinket, a drawing or other things. This time I drew her character, an sellsword NPC from our RP. I really like this guy.

pencil and gold acrylics on watercolour paper

Shagan Lyrics - Happy Raikoti Song
Shagan Lyrics
Song by Happy Raikoti
Shagan ho bapu nu ta kall billo bebe ne mana leya, bhain ne ta silk da suit v sava leya, tu vi chunniya nu gotte jehe lvala ni yaar aau sooha kurta jeha paake sohniye, ho main vi shagna di khich ti tayari aa tu rakhi taliya saja k sohniye,
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I wanted to thank all people who participated in Sketch exchange (, I was  so supprised and amazed with all supplies You sent me, can’t even express my gratitude. I even got a box (daedric one!) from  to keep these treasures :’D 

you’re awesome)