eriklehnshierr asked:

Share 10 facts about yourself, then pass this on to your 10 favourite followers :3

Thank you!

1. I’m going to Turkey on Tuesday

2. I’m really excited about this!

3. I bought a lot of new clothes <3

4. It’s raining here. (not cool ;/)

5. I’m obssesed with song One Republic - Counting Stars

6. I just bought Insurgent and I can’t wait to read it!

7. I love eat a lot, lol.

8. My dog is lying on my legs rn. 

9. I need to clean my room…

10. … but I really don’t want to. 

Haha, sorry I know these facts are stupid but I didn’t know what else to say. xD

fand0m-state-of-mind asked:

There are people that care,trust me <3 You shouldn't cut and tear your pretty skin. You're too beautiful and amazing for that. I'm sure you don't wanna share your personal life ,and that's completely understandable,but if you ever feel lonely and wanna talk to anyone or just need to vent,my ask box is open always to a lovely person like you. You're supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and don't forget it.<3

aww.. thanks.. yeah… it is a good sign that I didn’t do something stupid for a week.. 

even If I feel so hurt inside .still.. 

thank you .. its so kind of you ..sdfjdrkjtl

I had to google what supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is good,right :)

thank you.. I really appreciate all what you said ♥♥


eriklehnshierr asked:

Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love :3

song: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I fuck this song gives me so many feels
url: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I 10
theme: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I 10
posts: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I 10
sidebar: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I 10
overall: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I 10

thank you! ;D

fand0m-state-of-mind asked:

If I was trapped in a bedroom with you for 24 hours I'd actually like to talk about the things we have in common. Such as One Direction,Everybody Loves Raymond,How I Met Your Mother,Vampire Diaries and whatever else pops up we agree on.

fjgjhutjkldfg yess.. I’d love to have someone to talk about One Direction,TVD,HIMYM,Everybody loves Raymond and stuff.. 


thanks love ♥♥

oh.. you’ve changed your icon.. ? good :)