Shadowhunter Challenge: Day 12: Favorite Isabelle Quote

This is my favorite Isabelle quote because, this quote represents everything about Isabelle, the way she holds herself in that proud,  'I am more superior than you’ stature and even the way she defends the lightwood name. Isabelle says this iconic quote to clary when Clary doesn’t stop the boys from fighting and Isabelle scolds her.

Shadowhunter Challenge: Day 16: Favorite Magnus Quote

This is my favorite Magnus Quote because it reflects the whole concept of immortality and how sad it is to see your loved ones die while you go on living forever. Magnus in this quote is telling Alec that he will never really be able to let him go. This quote is found in City of Fallen Angels.

Shadowhunter Challenge: Day 5: Favorite Warlock:

I chose Magnus Bane as my favorite warlock because, Magnus is such a hilarious, glitter obsessed fashion sensation! He and Alec are one of my favorite couples in the series! Magnus is really sweet and has such n awesome character! Magnus Bane is Indonesian from his mom and his father is a powerful demon! Magnus is awesome!!

Shadowhunter Challenge: Day 15: Favorite Jem Quote

I had a lot of trouble choosing my favorite Jem quote, I mean its like every thing he says in the infernal devices trilogy is noteworthy! I love Jem so much. So anyways, this is my favorite Jem quote because Jem says this to Tessa when se askshim if it was love at first sight! So sweet!