15 Things I Love

I was tagged by solushospes to list fifteen things I love. Here goes:

1. My son.
2. My family and friends.
3. Not wearing pants.
4. Reading.
5. Music (Punk & Metal are my favorite genres, but I listen to almost everything).
6. Writing.
7. Being crafty.
8. The word “rad”.
9. Birds (owls especially).
10. Video games.
11. Action & Horror flicks.
12. Tattoos.
13. Gardening.
14. Beards.
15. Sleep.

I tag: bees—poetry (I swear I haven’t forgotten about the accent challenge, it’s tax season, I’m hella busy), thatrandompoet, quaintobsessions, and ofsoliloquies

Hello, friends! After much delay (it has literally been like 2 weeks since the deadline), I am finally here to present to you the winners of my 1k tumblr awards!

Not many people entered, however Im still going to give the gift that I promised when I was close to 1k.

Without further ado, the winners:

best URL:

winner: godlygillan

runner up: dalekphobia

best icon:

winner: @agentcartcrrs

runner up: romanoiva

best theme: 

winner: oswinism

runner up: astrandedrose

best mobile theme:

winner: hlolmes 

runner up: rebeltwelve

friendliest blogger:

winner: imsuperwholockd

runner up: pajamafairy

best doctor who:

winner: rebeltwelve

runner up: oswinism

best multifandom:

winner: blackwidlow

runner up: xmissmarvel

best overall:

winner: godlygillan

best rising blog:

not enough entries, sorry!

congratulations to the winners! here is a reminder of what you’ve won! keep being awesome and don’t stop doing what you’re doing!

thank you to everyone who entered, and thank you to all of my followers who made this possible!


Original Request: Could you write a funny imagine where the reader has a fake foot from being born without one. Dean Sam &Cas have never known but after a hunt the guys see her removing it without her nowing & the brothers are awkward stuttering & Cas is confused

This ask got deleted so I’m so sorry that I can’t reply to let you know it’s done!  Let me know, requester, if you got this because I feel really bad! Sometimes my computer and my phone don’t load quite right and I end up deleting them accidentally. I write them all down as soon as I get them though. I hope you like it!

Word Count: 494

Summary: The reader has a secret that she’s been hiding and Dean is determined to find out what it is.


“Hey Dean—“ Sam walked down the hall but Dean waved an arm at him frantically.

“SHHHHH!” Dean was staring around the corner into your room, watching as you took your boots off after the long hunt.

“Are you a freaking peeping tom, Dean?” Sam folded his arms. “This is low, even for you.”

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