anonymous asked:

hey you know that thing about characters learning how to be cared about? write the thing omg

This one?

I am strongly tempted, Anon.

‘Cause like, growing up in the Dark World probably sucked and it’s kind of implied (or at least, Vio seems to think) that his main motivation was loneliness.  And I’m already a sucker for that kind of plot anyway, especially if the character’s a fish-out-of-water in other ways as well (which Shadow would be, in the light world) and… and…

Shoot.  I don’t want to say “it’s going to happen,” ‘cause my life is kinda unpredictable atm and there are a lot of other things I want to do, too, and I’d feel pretty crappy if I promised something and couldn’t follow through.


I really would like to make this happen.