What happened.

In case last night was unclear, I’m writing this log in order to cohesively record the… strange events.

Yesterday we returned from gathering supplies to the campsite in a state of severe disarray. The tent had been torn down, equipment damaged, etc. I’ve deduced that this was preformed by this pokemon;

“Deino, the Irate Pokemon. They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn about their surroundings. Their bodies are covered in wounds.”

A combination of panic and inherent blindness was what resulted in the destruction of our camp. When we eventually recovered him he was badly wounded, the work of this Pokemon:

“Rotom, the Plasma Pokemon. Its body is composed of plasma. It is known to infiltrate electronic devices and wreak havoc.”

It took the form of a “Frost” Rotom, its Ice typing giving it an obvious advantage over its target. However, this wasn’t a matter of wilderness dispute.When I attempted to catch the Rotom the pokeball failed. This was owned by a trainer who deliberately sent it after Deino; a trainer who I believe watched the entire event form the shadows.

I wasn’t able to get much more than this picture, but I sent it to an ally of mine to be enhanced. Until then, the identity of the Rotom’s trainer is unclear.

We took Deino in to be treated. Thankfully, it’s healed swiftly and completely. Upon it’s reawakening, it seemed grateful, if a bit disoriented. However, when I made to leave, it began to panic… seemingly wanting to come along.

I’ll be using Deino in my first gym battle. Until then, we move on to Straiton. 

For a Disney contest.

The objective of the contest was to draw a Disney villain doing something good, so I decided Dr. Facilier should be helping Peter with his little shadow issue Wendy-style. We all know Facilier must’ve been a lost boy at some point, after all.

Their shadows are already best bros.

More of my junk.

Paranormal/haunting on children testimonies.

Alright, where to start. Hello tumblr user! My name is Blanck and I want to share some things I have experienced through my childhood that seem to have happened to others. I am trying to find other people who have seen and felt the same things to try and find more information about it. The topic has grown as some sort of obsession on me. It has something to do with childhood night fears, and “haunting”, and possibly some sort of huge fucking paranormal thing that’s around us and that we haven’t found out yet.

Let me make this clear: this ISN’T a creepypasta or a scary story of sorts. I want to share my experience and find others who have lived through the same. Especially, I want to find how to escape it, because at least one person out there is still trapped into it. This is going to be really long, so I’ll cut it down, but please read at least some of it, or take a look at the images, maybe you’ll remember something. This isn’t going to be gore or jumpscares, I swear.

I’m tagging this as sixpenceee, not because this is a creepypasta, but because she is a popular paranormal blogger and if she perhaps reblog this, we might be able to find more people.

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