Stuff I did today @_@ haha. Trying hard to fund myself a new lappy-notebook (I’m around halfway there! Woo-hoo!) before I go to art school this october (not sure if I’ve mentioned that fact here, or that I got in, but aha… I did XD so yay me?).

But yeah my laptop is pretty much falling apart, so trying to do this thing. Which is hard, btw, mrft.

Anyhow, first is part of a template set for someone on Gaia. Got a few sketches done, and the first template - waiting on the customer to see if they like so I can proceed.

Second one is a picture for myself and a friend that’s been nothing but a sweetheart to me for a long, long time. She owns the lion, I own the lioness (yes I know, the tail indicates she’s something else, but… she’s not. Long story). Shandor, the poor gypsy king has… no idea he’s trying to romance the goddess of Insanity. Muhali just has no idea what the hell just happened.

It’s been…. a very long time since I drew lions, wow.

Here, have some SHADOR!
He’s from Dream World too, obviously. I’ve become surprisingly fond of him over the years.
This is his finalized canon design— I finally got his vibe down correctly; he’s mostly triangles really.

Here’s what I have for a bio.
Shador is, put simply, a moody ball of nerves. Edgy and impatient, he is chronically high-strung and easily startled. Even so, he’s also known for being very quiet until his anxiety spikes, in which case he will begin expressing his panic almost nonstop— and trying to seem like the voice of reason the entire time. He refuses to admit that he is easily scared and distracted.
Similarly, Shador is known for being almost unfailingly pessimistic and cautious, often being the one to oppose the ideas of others because he feels they ‘just won’t turn out right.’ Don’t ask him why, though—if he doesn’t simply reply with an incredulous “because”, he’s likely to dissolve into nervous stuttering or explode in frustration. In truth, he harbors deep feelings of uncertainty and doubt, which cause him to constantly second-guess both himself and others, often in a bitingly sarcastic or cynical manner.
Despite his neurotic tendencies, or perhaps because of them, Shador hates seeing other people act like he does. He’ll play the devil’s advocate as long as he must to try and get others to calm down and/or see straight. He’s rather unable to tolerate such treatment from others, though.

He is an indigo Orozeik. His Power Jewels are Iolite, and his typecode is approximately DQU.
All I’m going to say about his canon role is that he’s one of Vezerai’s followers, and his influence within that group ultimately has some profound consequences…