"The O N S L A U G H T continues"- OPEN RP

When will it end, seriously? Juri pondered as she made her way down the street, a body in one hand being dragged along the concrete. For the past few months, countless fighters have come from every corner of the earth with one goal in mind, bring in the deadly spider woman to Shadoloo and claim your reward. Makes you wonder exactly what kind of bounty it could possibly be. To Juri, she knew all too well that this so called reward was only a ruse, one of Bison’s many different, but clever tricks. 


"Tch, fools." She muttered out as she tossed the body over at the wall. She looked ahead to find the coast clear so far, but in the end it was just gonna be another one of those days, a city full of corpses. Her left eye glowed bright as it scanned the area for any sort of hidden signatures. 

Character: Cammy White(Shadoloo)

Series: Street Fighter(specifically Alpha)/Crossovers

Why I consider her evil: Works with Shadoloo, is supposed to be the new body for M. Bison

(Note: Here’s the thing. I know people will bring up the “brainwashed” thing, but the problem is that if she had shed any blood during that time, it’s still on HER hands.

Also, I prefer Delta Red Cammy to this version.)