A Repede plushie!

About 12” long, and primarily made with cuddle fleece.  Only the sword, scar, sheath, pipe and bracelet are antipill fleece. The sword also comes out!  I bought some jewelry links and linked them together to make Repede’s chain!

I’m currently available to take commissions, and I would really appreciate your business!  Those who don’t know already, my cats had medical emergencies due to lily poisoning, and I’m working hard to pay off their bills with my plushie work while Cory works hard at his job too.    

We would really appreciate your help, and so would Desmond and Ellie.  Thanks! ;w;


About time I post photos of this guy!  

A challenge of a plush, that’s for sure, but I always found myself getting really excited and inspired while I pieced it together.  Photos can’t do this thing justice, and I can’t wait for this beast of a norn necromancer to reach his new home.

Tyr was made with a blend of ultracuddle fleece and anti-pill. His final size turned out about 28” tall.  This is my first GW2 character commission, but I’ve worked on sylvan hounds in the past and currently drafting patterns for many more GW2 critters.  

If you would like a custom plush of your own, please message me at  


A Chibi Sylvan Hound— what I’d like to call a cute, little palm puppy!  

I’ve been playing around with some patterns and things during down time, and wanted to see how this turned out.  I’m pretty happy with it!  The puppy is six inches tall with a tail just about as long, and made with minky fabrics.  

These puppies are $20 USD with $5 shipping! I can also do a variety of sizes as well as more detailed hounds! Feel free to message me via tumblr, but email would be more reliable at !

Oh man, I got an opportunity to do another dunsparce, yet it is still not a regular!  This one was requested to have a darker blue~

I wanted to do a comparison, because this is the first time where I made a dunsparce just about as big as Travis.  D.Blue is Travis’ twin brother!! noforreals,anyonerememberthatguy?  These two are pretty much three years apart, Travis completely made by handstitching, while blue there is practically made on the machine.

Boy, have I come a long way since 2009.  


More Repede, wee!

Another 8” pup, 13” total with the tail~

This is a commission!  If you’re interested in purchasing one from me, or have another plush in mind, please feel free to message me!  I reply no later than 24 hours, as I check tumblr everyday. alskjl  If I don’t respond, then I didn’t get it. ;w;

…Also, to the lovely person who commissioned this, I e-mailed you!  … I’ve learned my lesson in saving usernames and message history on tumblr 8I.


I made another Dino-Gnar! I learned so much the first time I made one, that I was happy to try new techniques this time around.  

He’s 14in tall, made with ultra-cuddle fabrics.  If you’d like one of your own, please e-mail me at

Gnar belongs to Riot

Made for Fan purposes only.

…. I named the file for this cranidos.  WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME TO CALL THIS THING A RAMPARDOS. AAAAHHH.

Anyway, yeah!  This dude’s all finished!  Pretty much made with minky/cuddle fleece except for the black of the eye! 

WHOO, slowly my collection of minky/cuddlefleece colors GROW.

Tinkerbull plush made out of minky~  This was also made quite a while ago.

Commissions are currently closed but please feel free to message me about plushies and plushie prices.  Commissions for plushes will be open in about a week! ;w;  

Tavros, related characters, and Homestuck belong to Andrew Hussie. 

Got this guy finished up!  The body is made with cuddle fleece, and the beak, eyes, and hat are made with antipill fleece.  This was a lot of fun, and the hat can come off! 

He can only sit, that’s why his legs look a little weird.  The legs aren’t wired so he can stand, but the rest of the body would probably be too heavy for that to be successful anyway. ;o;


I had SUCH a hard time pushing through and completing this. AUGH.  13” from nose to tail, and 15” from hoof to hat!  

… I think I said toe to hat in a note to the commissioner… derp.

Now moving on to Derpyhooves— or whatever that gray one’s called.

A Makar babbuuuuu!

While I was in my rut with Armaldo, I asked for zelda plushie suggestions (and I think I forgot to thank you for all of your ideas! ;o; so Thank you!!!).  Makar was one of them, and I’ve been having a terrible hankering to play The Wind Waker for a while now.  Maybe when things clear up, and job things work out, I’ll finally get to play. ;w;

This little guy’s made with cuddle fleece (brown) and blizzard fleece (green).  He is for sale!  And— $15!   I plan on making more with what I have, but this one was a prototype.  My parents found a TON of blizzard fleece at a garage sale along with a needle strawberry thing that has steel wool in it (YAY, I CAN SHARPEN MY PINS).  And they sent it to me! ;w;  I thought I’d be optimistic and give the fleece a try again…

And I’m still not happy with it, because it started to pill as I worked on the holes of the leaf. >m<;; I got it all cleaned up afterwards, but he’ll only be okay with light play only!  Future makars will have either wool leaves or I’ll try a green fabric I bought before and *gasp* try some machine embroidery(ohgod).  They’ll be $5 more when I start working on those~

And I forgot to mention, interesting learning experience, but I got him to jingle~