Oh; so I finally finished this.

Part of why this took so long to complete was because half the time I absolutely hated it and wanted to discard it like everything else I tried to work on. But no; I wanted to actually finish this because I had abandoned so many projects last year and was so angry with myself over that.

Am I satisfied with this? Yes, because I finally completed this, and no, because of reasons that are typical of nearly every artist that I won’t go into because I know some of you will hit me. :P

Anyway. Parasite Eve art, because PE was one of my favourite games growing up, and dammit, I had to draw it.

Also, I honestly would not have finished this if it weren’t for everyone’s support and continuous feedback. I hope I can someday tell myself to keep going instead of giving up.

Colouring practise. Another reason why I need to ink more is because I really like how my linework looks with digital colouring.

I love Lars’ visual kei alternate in SFxT so much that it’s ridiculous (those of you who know my fashion preferences would understand why). There is also a variation with less Photoshoppery in it, in case you’re interested in that sort of thing c:.

It’s a damn good thing I have a couple of comic deadlines to meet, because I could seriously draw Lars in this outfit all day, every day.

What better way to confirm that yes, I am going to Kumite in Tennessee than by posting the artwork that I was commissioned to make for the event? This is  the largest piece I have worked on to date, which I managed to complete in roughly a month and a half. Anyone who has attended some of my recent livestreams know I have been working heavily on this piece!

Anyway; so glad to have it done. Some of the character choices were pretty obvious, while others proved to be a new challenge for me (namely Batman. I’ve never drawn Batman before. I should apologise if anyone doesn’t like my illustration of him. I tried. D: ). All in all, it was well worth it. I may have to challenge myself to make a poster like this for my own characters!

So, the Get Pop Cultured event went well! I managed to make the easiest $20 ever, and there were kids and tweens who were genuinely interested in advice on how to improve their artistic game and wanted to know about my experiences. It made me feel so valued as an artist, especially because it was such a positive experience. Big thanks once again to writingjustforgiggles for suggesting this to me. I will be doing it again next week!

I didn’t get any sketch requests, but in my downtime, I did sketch Rocket Raccoon, because I just really wanted to.

(Definitely better viewed in high resolution)

Hrm. Okay. Sooo this wasn’t even remotely the piece I had in mind for Larisa Day. Actually, it was, but then I decided on a different illustration, but as I worked on that I realised that there was just no bloody way it would be done in time (any of you who attended my livestreams would know what illustration I am referring to). So this ended up being my Larisa contribution after all.

The other illustration will be finished. I may just include it in the Larisa doujinshi I’m working on and oops did I just mention that I guess I did ohohoho

(And for those who are interested, here’s a close-up with some details and stuff)

This is one of those pieces where I simply drew something for the hell of it. Why draw a Lolita with an attempted AR-15 eating a white chocolate bar? Why the hell not?

I had this print on display at AWA, and one lolita came by and said “I like her, because her skin is the same colour as mine.”
…that was definitely one of the highlights at the con for me. I’ve been trying to create artworks where people can identify with my subjects in some way, whether they know the character or not. It’s a small victory, but I feel like this is a sign that I am doing something right.

Oops; I meant to post these before I had left for Animazement, but then Animazement happened. But hey; better late than never! These are the second of my Super Sentai stickers, Gokaiger! I had drawn the weapons on a small scale, and let me tell you; that’s not easy. D: And boy am I REALLY looking forward to when I work on Kyoryuger

The Gekiranger set and Shinkenger sets are underway, but as I grew tired of almost exclusively on chibis before ACenimazement, I am taking a break.

Believe it or not, I haven’t drawn him in a few weeks. So, here we are. Felt like designing another outfit, too. This is actually for the toku drama AU I’m still working on (though Blood Shenanigans is priority at the moment). As for the hair, if people prefer the regular blond version, I can provide a variant.

(And for those of you who saw the sample, yes; I changed the hue, so as to better match the background.)

So, this is a thing I was tinkering with last weekend, when I was supposed to be working on AWA prep…but I’m including it in my fanbook so it’s still relevant.

I hadn’t dabbled wit my pencils in forever, so I felt the need to work on something, and this happened. I think one of the reasons I fancy Lars is his facial structure, so that was the subject of this practise session—I referenced a photo of a certain person who had a similar jaw structure. I also wanted to try to render the hair a bit more reaslistically; granted it’s still a pretty outrageous hairstyle but thanks to looking through Japanese fashion books, I feel that I’ve given it an appearance that says “oh, well; that can actually be possible.” And of course, he has to have those wonderful lips of his.

My headcanon for Lars is that he has rather tired looking eyes because he doesn’t sleep very often. :P

I haven’t drawn Unknown in well over five years, so when it was revealed that she was back in Tekken Tag 2, I was quite ecstatic. Those of you who have been in my Livestreams have seen the making and evolution (and raging towards) of this painting.

…methinks I’ll be tweaking this a good bit before I take it to Momocon. I kinda got tired of working on (read: obsessing) it. :< That’s a terrible thing for me to admit.