1st Concert in Nanjing 

My First Kiss (Taemin Focus) 

I want to get the SHINee World DVD, but now I don't know if I should buy the In Tokyo one or the In Japan one.

I would probably be getting just the DVD and not photo books or anything because I need money.

Does anyone know if all the background videos like the one from Quasimodo and the one with Onew and Taemin are from the Japan DVD and if it’s the special edition one or whatever?


I never got a chance to say but one thing I was reallyyyyyyyyyyy happy about during my holiday this summer was that I got the SHACON T-SHIRT!!! It’s not the official one >< BUT it’s just like it? And I know most fans haven’t been able to get the official one anyways, and have purchased fan made ones over the internet and suchh. But yeahh, I go to Hong Kong on a yearly basis, for the whole summer normally, and that’s the time when I stock up on kpop stuffs aha. Posters, CDs, merchandise, etc. And this year the store I usually go to had a whole load of kpop shirts, i.e the shacon ones, the welcome back to beast airline ones, and a few others which I can’t remember… If I’m honest.. I actually wanted to get the Onew one, it’s like a light blue-ish green? But they ran out! (So were Minho’s ones, geeez they’re popular lol) So I got Taemin’s one instead, which was my close second option anyways, but I think I’m going to get Onew’s one as well next year (or maybe over the internet sometime soon….?) Lol. But yeahh I just wanted to share! 

If you guys were wondering, the shirt was HK$88, I’m not quite sure which currency to convert it for you guys, but yeahh, it’s not actually that expensive! And it comes in small, medium, and large sizes, mine’s a medium. ^^

If you ever go to Hong Kong (why would you want to go there when you can go to Korea?! Lol tehe), and you want to visit this place I usually go to, it’s in Mongkok and the building is called the Sino Centre, and there’s a whole load of kpop/anime/specialised shops in there, you can just look around! :D