China’s first ever ‘silent restaurant’ opens in Shaanxi 

A ‘silent restaurant’ in Shaanxi has received overwhelmingly positive response from its customers for a great service. It is called a ‘silent restaurant’ because its is owned by a deaf person and 80 percent of staff members are deaf as well, Tencent News reports.

Since the opening, the restaurant’s warm and friendly service has gained unanimous praise from diners. It is located in Yulin city’s cultural square and at first glance looks like an ordinary hot pot restaurant.

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Once a woodcarver, Chinese artist Wen Fuliang lives in Shaanxi province where he transforms chicken, goose, and duck eggshells into incredible (and incredibly fragile) works of art. 

Wen Fuliang has practiced the delicate art of eggshell carving for over ten years. The work is done “using a fine diamond bit on an electric rotary tool. The artist sketches a design on the shell, which has been carefully emptied of the yolk and egg white with a syringe. They must then gently but securely hold the egg shell in one hand, the rotary tool in the other and slowly carve away the design in an incredibly time-consuming and skillful process.”

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Walking the Cliffside Plank Path

At Cliffside Plank Path, you can literally walk the plank on the side of a mountain. This is for the extreme adventurers out there.

Hua Shan is a mountain located near the city of Huayin in Shaanxi province. It is one of China’s Five Great Mountains and has a long history of religious significance. Hua Shan is classified as having five main peaks, of which the highest is the South Peak at 2,154.9 meters (7,070 feet).

It is on South Peak where you will find the famous Cliffside Plank Path. The exhilarating mountain hike is not for the faint of heart. For a minor fee, they provide you with two straps to hook onto wires on the path. The plank path includes steel rod ladders, footholds carved out of the cliff and narrow wooden plank walks. And it’s all hanging off the side of a mountain, thousands of feet above the ground. Gulp.

Although the total length of the plank path is only a few hundred feet, there are plenty of other hiking paths and trails throughout Hua Shan and its various peaks. A cable car is also available for the less intrepid. 



January 23rd 1556: Shaanxi earthquake

On this day in 1556 the deadliest earthquake in history, the Shaanxi earthquake, hit Shaanxi province, China. The earthquake killed around 830,000 people, though due to the limited sources from the time this is only an estimate. It struck in the morning of January 23rd, but aftershocks continued for half a year after. The earthquake is believed to have measured about 8.0 on the Richter scale, which is not the strongest on record. However as it triggered landslides and struck in a densely populated area where people lived in artificial Loess caves, the death toll was the highest in history from an earthquake. More than 97 counties in the provinces surrounding Shaanxi were affected, with the city of Huaxian - at the epicentre of the quake - being completely destroyed. An 840km wide area was completely destroyed by the disaster, leveling buildings and killing thousands. The disaster occurred during the Ming Dynasty under the rule of the Jiajing Emperor and thus is sometimes referred to in Chinese sources as the Jiajing Great Earthquake. The Shaanxi earthquake was the deadliest earthquake and third deadliest natural disaster in history.