Things about 10x07 "Girls Girsl Girls" #5

And by a stream (because with Cas it’s always water), she tells him that she won’t be going with him. That she is done.

Where did I see that before?

Oh right, that time in purgatory, when Dean found his angel at a stream and said angel told him that he wouldn’t go with him.

The whole thing about letting go…

The parallels to mocking jay are incredible. I saw it yesterday before the announcement for ferguson. The way that peeta looked speaking to the camera was just like mike Brown’s father—trying to appease the government. Let’s face it, nonviolence doesn’t change much. Riots and violence are what make statements. And though I’d rather not see my city in flames, I’d also like to live in a world that values black lives.

To the government—just remember that if we burn, you burn with us.