Im having unholy thoughts “"It made him feel… Alive”

[ac: no shøws]“


So at the end of my life - all are tuhking ppl in safely
I wAnt u t exude th feelin’ that U cud do this toO
YoU were just as much a maker of it tooO
I wAN u t insert it int th CAK - t prove thaT
PS V_V =l I dOn’t want u t just post cosA
O19 Quiero estethat protectection - nexttmi
O18 I love how protective some girls can be
O17 Have a good night  ^_V ~ Enjoy your shows
O16 Why not fund women just for coming? If a wife - so husband don’t bern >> - Two people can be in such cunnection - >> =l that when they heat up - so does the other - =l and vise versa
O15 It’s baondries - if u r wITH girl - don’t arouse self by looking @ otra wen u walk - it is possible t guard from festuring spiritual jealousy - especially if your wife ^^ << >> can cee everything u cee
O14 l~ V_V ~ It’s lIKe being friendly and being platonic without anything more
O13 If you can’t walk? Walk in pACKs - like zEbras - Only EMulate animal - don’t bE an animal - wAIR it - don’t bE - wear th beard - don’t dO God - don’t dO what an animal would do ~ otherwise one of you would spiritually get hUNted =l /blink =l ~ It’s like - exactly thAT - you’d see people wEARing a full coat =l /blink =l - but not - well - ok heer is a better tip ~
O12 WhEN u walk you have t emulate survIVal
V_V if you are too weird - then th butterfly
effect karmically is that people
will trEat you weird - you don’t
ever knOw how many people
each household person
around u waach ovur in spirit 
O11 Did u know that if it is a privelege t
see a swami (1 who doesn’t need t compete
t survive) - then you’ll find complete
happiness if u just walk if can?
O1O If you don’t know fear
then how can u know love
by compare if u fINd love
OO9 So you just - return -
ornot - this time knowing fEAR
OO8 You know you can still be
pissed off at something y it’ll stil happen?
OO7 When you tuhk an aliun in bed it’s
like u fuld dredgy quilts ovur their body
OO5 How about aliunz I tuhk you ihn too OO6 hh
OO3 So hwat  OO4 “I haychu - no don’t
type it kiddish -_- - we r sophisticated aliunz”
OO2“That is actually what we sehd after you stopped last night”
OO1 V_V Azzz ssssOOon V_V as I woke up >=] aliens sehd “Are you stihl thair”