So here’s the notebook I’m giving to BOTDF when I meet them in September. All the URL’s from the URL post are written above. However I decided to do something more. I’m going to collect small messages from you guys to the members of the band and record them in the notebook as well. Here’s how this will work:

First: If your URL is not in the above photos and you would like it to be, please reply to this post.

Second: The messages. Please put them in my (Formerly coloredrubberducks. Don’t worry, I just changed my URL) ask box. The limit is one ask message. I’m sorry for putting a limit on it, but I can’t have anything to long. It will be difficult to write out a bunch of three ask messages. They can be on anon, just remember that they will be written as “From Anonymous” in the book. I’ll make the deadline August 20th for the messages because I go back to school not long after that.

Remember! one message sent here

The deadline is August 20th, 2013.

Please reblog and spread the word to our fellow SGTC!