Kristen James is the Athletic Representative for the Student Government of Seattle University. Kristen has been playing tennis under the sunshine of Lubbock, Texas, since she was 12, and under the rainy drizzle of Seattle for two years as a member of the Seattle University Women’s Tennis Team. Kristen’s ambitions for the year center upon enhancing the Redhawk Experience. As a member of SGSU she wants to foster an improved connection between athletes and fans by making sports an increasingly visible aspect of Seattle University’s culture. When asked about her goal, Kristen replied, “I want to see more students at games … but I want to increase our inclusivity.” Inclusivity is a word Kristen takes seriously, as she wants to make athletics more appealing and accessible to a wider spectrum of students. Kristen is a sophomore majoring in biochemistry, and this is her first year as a member of SGSU. 

Statement Regarding Divestment from Fossil Fuel Producing Companies

Recognizing the Student Government of Seattle University’s (SGSU) 2012-13’s support of divestment and the 618 signature petition submitted by Students for Sustainable Action Club (SSA) last spring, SGSU 2013-14 offers the following statement on divestment of the University’s endowment from fossil fuel producing companies:

As the representatives of the undergraduate student body of Seattle University, SGSU 2013-14 endorses the efforts of the SSA. Additionally, SGSU strongly advises a collaborative process involving students, faculty, staff, administration, and trustees to study the feasibility of and work towards University divestment.

SGSU therefore advises the completion of an expedient (within the next 5 years) and transparent feasibility study of divestment as stated in the resolution proposed by the SSA.

Moreover, the SSA’s movement for divestment has brought to light a long-held request by the students that the University becomes more transparent to its community regarding its annual budget, its budgeting processes, and the allocation of students’ tuition dollars. SGSU believes that this is the opinion of the majority of the undergraduate student population and therefore respectfully requests that the University Administration continues its efforts to reach a higher level of transparency in the annual budget and tuition dollar allocation.

Finally, this endorsement of divestment comes with the stipulation: if upon completion of a feasibility study it is determined that tuition will be raised as a result of divestment, SGSU requests that appropriate steps be taken to divest without harming student financial well-being and access to services.

SGSU believes in the importance of promoting the Jesuit values of Seattle University. Our support for Seattle University’s divestment from fossil fuels demonstrates this belief.

This statement was passed unanimously by the SGSU Representative Assembly on November 21, 2013 

Congratulations to the newly elected representatives: 

Freshman Representative Meggie Green
Freshman Representative Owen Goetze
At-Large Representative Haley Bayuga-Graff
Commuter Representative Tanary Gomez 
Transfer Representative Phat Nguyen 
International Representative Nora Almunif

Phat Nguyen is the Transfer Representative for SGSU. Phat joined the Seattle University community in the fall of 2012, transferring from Seattle Central Community College. Phat experienced difficulty getting connected on campus, so he decided to run for his current position to ensure that other transfer students never felt the way he did. Phat is working on an issue that widely affects transfer students: transportation. He’s exploring a collaborative partnership with the Seattle Central Community College in an effort to protect bus routes in the Seattle area, as a significant amount of transfer students are also commuter students. Phat is a member of the Class of 2014 and is a marketing major.

Samantha Marshall, the Sophomore Representative, is committed to building relationships between members of the Class of 2016 ––and between the whole campus. Samantha has been working on fostering improved communication between students and campus departments, including actively building a relationship with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). What’s her favorite thing about Seattle University? “I’m in love with the resource, and of course, the people.”

First Representative Assembly of the Year!

Last week with had our First Rep Assembly of the year. Highlights from our meeting included getting to hear Jeff Philpott, the Director of the University Core Curriculum, speak about the new core. He offered a lot of information and assurances that he is looking to the STUDENTS for all the feedback they can offer. 

We also discussed our plans for the year including recognizing an events list and discussing the upcoming Student Activities Retreat. For a more detailed summary of our meeting and the entire meeting minutes from 10/2, read on!

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