That ‘62 Les Paul/SG is the most amazing SG I’ve played in recent memory! The set of mid-'60s T-Tops I just dropped in (the originals were long gone) have the dynamic range and softened midrange of earlier PAFs, plenty of warmth and pick attack on tap. The neck has that lovely wider-at-the-nut early '60s feel that makes everything you play so easy to get to, and I’ll be damned if that sideways vibrato isn’t just as smooth and easy to use as the Lyre Vibrolas that followed it. (They’re my favorite Gibson trem) Look for this one over at @mmguitarbar for $6500! Unbelievable guitar… #guitar #vintage #vintageguitar #Gibson #sg #lespaul #lp #cherry #red #1962 #sideways #vibrato #ttops #patentsticker #pickups #yes (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

We made a mistake, a big mistake. And we’re very sorry. But we also saved your little grey butts from the replicators, and now we want your help. I’m not asking you to change the course of their cultural development. Just fix the damn sun! No one will know. We won’t tell.
—  Jack O’Neill