Random unicorns…

or maybe not so random in light of certain breif twitter conversations XD

…the neck’s too long, head’s a little small…it’s stylized and I’ve always had my unicorns with longer necks/proportions to normal horses…but still.

…whatever have a unicorn

I told ya’ll I was gonna do it.

…and by it I mean draw her in that dior dress from that gif I shared a while back…

…I was right, it freaking works.

annnd she looks really good in navy blue, I think I’ve found her color (other than the team colors, which are shared with all the other team members)

Done….kinda sorta in the same style as Blake’s fashion-y pic …I dunno they both tried the modeling thing post series? LOL maybe that’s also why she looks a little older here, but it’s also probably mostly an illusion between the heavier makeup/her eyes looking narrower and smaller because they’re not fully open (weird pose coaches, what can you do? 8/)  have a feeling poor Esie wouldn’t hold up well, too short/not the ‘right’ figure…but yessss I like this one her :3

And holy crap noticed anew how much heels lengthen legs. she may still be looking a little too tall here, but the illustrated effect of those shoes does a lot, I cover her toes and suddenly she looks about right XD

…also yes that is probably more leg than she would generally choose to show on her own. lol o__o post this on the rp blog > see how awkward it might make the other teammates/etc. feel…or how much it would delight Burton for the gift of extra teasing ammo…


These little weirdos again. :/

Basically I can’t imagine the Blake/Luke/Esie team concept NOT happening at some point post series anymore, I have accepted my fate. But if it didn’t, this little shadowy, maybe somewhat poignant and/or depressing slip of my hand brought to you by the fact I still saw the ‘kids’ (no longer such kids after not too long) still sort of gravitating towards each other in some ways. Including short moments of indulging some ‘weird’ need for catching up, or maybe just to commiserate on the occasions when they might cross paths.

…I don’t know. I’m stuck on such ideas because lots of non-verbal communication. I have a thing for stuff like that. Little bits of silent acknowledgement that they’ll probably always be the ones who understand most about where the other has been and been through in life…among probably pretty awkward, halting attempts at normal-ish conversation because awkward children.

also I know I don’t draw Luke enough. I think part of that is I hope that he would have a little more stable, positive-direction life post-series, at least in the situational sense.  So while that makes me happy because he has a much better chance of being happy/moving past the bad stuff and dammit I just want that kid to have as good a post-series life as possible qAq, there’s admittedly a little less for the imagination there…I still need to draw him more and I’m sorry.

…Also these two took whatever preconceptions I had all planned out for their interactions/dynamics, trampled them to one extent or another, and took off with the fragments like wicked little beasts. Their various shenanigans demand to be drawn often and I honestly don’t really know what to make of them anymore. They just are. :/

Oops this happened sorry.

Pack it in Blake, Esie is having none of your sh** today…also the ‘look’ (in case you missed that conversation, ‘the look’ = douche-y-rebel-smolder he’s learned to harness at times as an adult) is ineffective on this particular target.

reality: he knows it’s ineffective. he just does it because for whatever reason, it bugs the Hell out of her. It’s most amusing. he’s not asking questions.

You know you love me.

Racing shadows in the moonlight
Through the desert on a hot night
And for a second there we’d won
Yeah, we were innocent and young

Yep. bit the bullet and posted it.

I feel honestly kind of horrible, since I’d said I wouldn’t, but it’s been a long time…yeah. The problem with art for me is that it ages, as in as time goes on, it looks worse and worse, until - unless I get really used to seeing it regularly or have the finality of “It’s already out there” - I just want to hide it away forever or even delete/dispose of it.

And having spent so many hours on this when I made it, I felt it would be a horrible shame if I’d done all that work only to never actually be able to enjoy the work, with it just sitting stagnant in my files until my aversion to my own old artwork sets in. 8/

So alas, here it is, what was my offering for the 2nd Anthology project.

…I still suck at backgrounds…Hopefully you may all get past that. Concept was simple, but feels-filled…and maybe not the most original, but whatever, moving on… A scene was conceived where by chance, after training exercises, etc. they end up delayed out in the desert for a little while and for a short bit of time, essentially, are/feel like “normal” kids, just “hanging out” essentially, which I imagined was something they honestly probably didn’t have much opportunity to be (and in some cases couldn’t be, upbringings etc. growing them up and past that too quickly, etc.) not plotting, spying, casing any targets, etc. just catching a harmless meteor shower.

…lol I remember being so on the fence about having Esie in there, because OC-stigma, but then I realized that she was essential, in the exact position she has in this picture, to get this to come across how I wanted. Obviously, there are two characters in this picture that people like to ship…I didn’t want this to be ‘romantic’, not in the least, literally just kids chillin and looking at the stars together, so Esie being in there and in the middle ended up working perfectly…it sounds laughable, but it really did.

And yes the initial inspiration for this sprung out of that small group of lyrics from “Miss Atomic Bomb” by the killers - nothing else from that song however, the rest is a sort of love-lost ballad and so doesn’t fit this, but it just…yeah after I decided I wanted to enter something, I started combing the playlist (common source of inspiration fuel) and I had just gotten this song and…yeah…feelsssss…I didn’t expect them with that song, but feeeeelssss 8[

(I do seriously recommend that song though…I just. I dunno. give it a try. also it has an interesting music video, a bit depressing, but interesting, one of those ones that plays almost more like a short film x )


I told you I would do it! lol

…so yeah…she got the white marlin tail “but that tail isn’t white it’s -” I know, I am referring to the white marlin species, which, no, is not white…other than the underbelly…actually it looks a lot like other marlins, just smaller/a little less bulky.

she needed something equivalent to the cheetah speediness, annnnd that would be a marlin (nope, not a mako shark like you’ve heard, marlins, sailfish, wahoo, etc. I believe sailfish is the fastest, but I couldn’t get that design to work, so next down was marlin) so…probably a mer-person type that could really be nasty if it wants to be…however she probably hasn’t fully realized that yet.

and omg, so much trouble with that bra lol…honestly the okay-with-non-vulgar-nudity part of me just wanted to screw the whole thing but I can’t do that…for several reasons 8/…a few of which include the fact that she’s technically underage, and I don’t want to scare the sh** out of my followers lol…so I had to give her something.

Kay, time to put this down before I sink even more time into it and make it worse on myself when it inevitably ages badly and I regret the loss of that many hours of my life lol.

…Also I hope I haven ruined anyone’s image of older/actually-a-legit-adult!Blake.

…I warned you all it might be shocking when we’re used to seeing him as an older teen AND in a decidedly more cartoonish style. Hence the last-kick-of-puberty-hit-like-a-freight-train appearance here.

As far as exact ages, I don’t really have any? Up for interpretation? :/

And yes. yes this was the reason for my mentioning googling ‘subtle facial hair’, that is not just weird hatching-shadowing on those areas of his face. I don’t know why I made this decision or saw him like that, it just happened and worked in my head. nothing ever too heavy…or even a lot of shaping going on (just a more realistic shadow/pattern would look weird and downright shabby in this style)…just something he’s just sort of let happen I guess. Never saw him ever really ‘smoothing out’ completely, always would be a little rebel-ish, he might ‘mature’ a little more with general life experience but the rough edge would always be there…so I dunno, the look worked in my head.

…which is funny because he’s such stark contrast to Esie in that sense (though anyone who knows them knows that they’re not so different as appearances might imply), really an ‘odd couple’ situation externally. I mean those not knowing their history probably really would be puzzled as to why those two particular individuals end up around each other so much and what the Hell they get out of eachother’s company.

Speaking of Esie it’s occurred to me that she’s that sort that doesn’t freaking age. Or at least no matter what age she is her identity will never be in question. They may not be the prettiest, but there’s no mistaking those big spooky eyes. XD (that said yes. I do struggle with aging girls. fewer angles etc. to work with. to me she still does look older, but I’m her freaking creator and I can pick up on every ‘difference’ and all that….whatever. I tried.) 

fyi do not get used to this style. you may never see it again. I can never predict when the random ‘look I’m actually trying to act like I had that year and a half of professional art education.’ urges will surface….also I’m so lazy. this was fun while it lasted. but I’m tired now. lol

So I crappily halfheartedly concepted Esie’s mom and now I’m sad. ono

…also horrifically embarrassing realization - SHE DOESN’T HAVE A NAME YET 0____0

I mean dear God, it’s bad enough that I killed her off in perpetrating the dead-parent cliche, least I could do is give the poor woman a proper first freaking name….I…I don’t know how that got overlooked, there is no excuse. just. no.  - though now that the option is at hand if you’ve any suggestions of “She looks like a ____ to me” things, feel free to toss them at me. Kind of would like to keep the French theme I guess, so things in that category will be favored. And providing this for matching-up/ “ring” purposes -  last name is, of course, Fortier.

anyways broke down and am putting it in the art tag. it will age horribly. it’s already pretty bad…but being I will probably not be drawing her much this might be the only thing I can provide for people who might for some reason be curious.

Would uber-pale blonde hair and whatever-Gerard’s-color-was-before-greying make white hair/pale-blue-eyed offspring? I have no idea. I would have looked more into genetics but when we get to more unnatural hair colors there’s basically no point so I guess I’ve saved myself trouble struggling with things that take college educations to really understand…

……ngl though on the subject of weird-ass “if-offspring-ever-were-to-happen” rabbit trails, it’d be interesting if Esie somehow presented something like the cremello horse effect on the results of whatever hair/eye color genes crossed with hers - ie. black hair = greys/smokey colors, brown = reds, etc.

…don’t worry Esie will not be marrying and considering children any time soon. She probably considers herself highly unfit for motherhood anyway.

…This went to a weird place.

…I think I’m tired.

…..Strike-throughs! YAY! :D….

LOL here ya go.

…I would consider drabbling on this or something…if I could write worth a damn. :/


…I have little to say other than that this visual brought to you by an RP meme…

…and despite the reactions that top image is probably going to get from people when they first reach this post on their dash, I am surprisingly not-sorry XD


I…forgot I had these, and while I posted them a long time ago, I apparently never added them to my art tag…and while they’re not spectacular I don’t hate them as much as I did when I first scribbled them? which is rare.

normally goes from “kinda hate it” and the hatred just increases from there. I dunno…they sort of have ha loose, quick, concepty/color-key-ish look that I kind of dig.

the bottom one is just…Sheba looming dramatically over a ledge, possibly illuminated by the light pollution pouring out of Blue city outside the left of the image.

The top one had slightly more to it, being a visual out of Esie and Sheba’s flight from Ambrose to Blue City pre-series (oc-headcanon is she joined shortly before the events seen at the beginning of the series) this particular moment came into clear focus while listening to this piece of music, and was generally pinned as being  maybe the moment Esie came out of the spooked rush of night she fled home enough to finally stopped to see how far she’d gone - in more than the  obvious way. So sort of the pivotal point where she realizes they’ve gone too far to turn back, and that regardless of how she feels about it, their only real choice is to continue on into the mass of unknowns that is the outside world. …also props if you noticed the little dot on Sheba’s head in this bottom pic before reading this. yes that is to imply Esie’s standing there. I imagine she might do that quite a bit.

((crap looks like no “high-res” link, sorry. guess they’re messing with things they shouldn’t…No tumblr! don’t do the ugly facebook thing! D8 lol))

Here, have some new art for the Esie blog, and yes art has been changed on the blog already. Just the sidebar and character info art. 

as stated, these came off those graphite sketches I churned out the other night.

Oh God…Send help… by ~SkyGateCreations

BLAKE IS A HORSE. YOUR ARGUEMENT IT INVALID…this is what happens when you finish cheetah!Esie, get bored on skype, and your friend throws out the suggestion to animal-fy the rest of the main savage hammer peeps.

If you want specifics, he is kinda sorta an arabian colt (yes colt, not a “mighty stallion” yet XD, I go with him being 17 in-series, which puts him at about 3 as a horse, and boy horsies aren’t stallions until 4…so he’s almost there…but not quite lol)

Esie there for comic effect and size comparison (oddly enough she was almost a horse…and she was drawn as one - if curious, check my art page here - But it was separate from this little “series” and cheetah definitely fit better in the end)…he’s not very big for a horse, arabs aren’t a large breed, he’s probably somewhere around 15 hands high, but not over that (about 60 inches at the shoulder)

if curious about the others, burton and Luke are birds of different types…and Sandra is either a leopard or a lioness…I’m leaning towards lioness. More boss-lady-like somehow…and they’re already “blonde” XD …she’d sure as heck be able to control the others as a lioness.

…and if you wonder why he’s a horse and an arab specifically, his hair was an important feature to consider, in the end only horses or lions really fit the bill…and lions didn’t seem right, a bit too chunky I guess, so horse it was. He’s an Arabian because Arabs appear to be predisposed to this liver-chestnut/washy reddish mane and tail combination that made his hair color somewhat plausible.

yeah…I dunno…random different style lol…was fun though.

and yes, in case you missed it a while back/don’t follow, the poncho is a thing. More of a “just in case” sort of thing, though…in case for some reason she should get stuck out in a place where she’d need to be in a sun a bit…because looking at her complexion, she’d burn like MAD…seriously…ouch.

So I have this weird thing in my head -


- about Esie often taking the high ground in a strangely cheetah-on-abandoned-termite-mound fashion. not necessarily a bad thing, her brain has learned to always keep a sharp look out, over the course of being chased by daddy’s “retrievers” and just…watching what Sheba does (my God she’s been raised by a zoid lol. no. not really. well for a little bit. never mind moving on)

…she might get relatively fast at scaling random things that give higher vantage points when there’s something she wants to stare nervously at or watch for. like rocks. or cars. or zoids. 8/

…and it might just come across as sort of …weird. probably not particularly annoying normally…but we all know about Blake’s annoyance hair-trigger. (actually he’s just there for atmosphere…and reasons noted below)

also I’ve realized these two are strangely fun to draw interactions for. they almost always turn out amusing…probably because they’re pretty wildly mismatched personality-wise and there’s nothing they can do about it because coworkers. but apparently have similar motivation when it comes to Luke??…(kay all together - awwww :)…kay enough of that, moving on :|)

…also because it’s pretty much always funny to imagine the “cool/tough guy” being forced into attempting to be a not-jerkish-bossy coworker and failing. with lots of these sentiments -