Imagine a Smarter San Francisco

Problems and Solutions for Healthcare


Problem: The inability to communication/track necessary vitals easily with MD/RNs for high risk readmission patients

These patients have conditions like congestive heart failure, ALS, diabetes, or are receiving general home care yet have no direct communication with their doctors or nurses nor an organized, systematic method for tracking vitals that are important to their healthcare providers. This leaves these individuals an even higher risk for readmission because this lack of tracking or reporting often leads to missing the signs of relapsing episodes.

This is not only a huge issue both in quality of care and rehabilitation but also financially especially for insurances and non-profit hospitals/offices.

Solution: Creating an interface/platform for those individuals to be able to communicate and document their conditions on a daily basis with their MD/RNs.

Implementation: Microsite for registration/information, tablet application, communication interface, interactive video instructions for patients and doctors/nurses


Problem: Lack of access to veterinary care

It’s a well known statistic that there are more dogs than children in the city of San Francisco. Yet most of these families don’t have access to veterinary care due to numerous reasons such as cost, lack of quality care/insurance plans beyond private companies, and knowledge about what and when certain vaccines should be updated.

Solution: Combining this with another SF problem of having these animals registered, SF would be able to set up veterinary co-op groups, a registration system, and interface for keeping records for the furry members of our SF families.

Implementation: Microsite for registration information, mobile application/interface, maps, educational videos/motion graphics, signage, social media strategy


Problem: Lack of access to fresh, affordable local meats and produce, districts in SF would be considered “food deserts”

Some districts have little to no access to all things that would make for a healthy diet. And as the world is coming to understand that quality health is almost determined by the quality of food you are taking into your body. In these food deserts, children are the real victims to this because their choices are so limited none of them have the option or enough education to be making the smarter decisions for fruits and vegetables over the high-processed snacks they see at corner stores.

Solution: Create a specific fresh food co-op delivery system for individual families/neighborhoods that is low cost/SNAP programs.

Implementation: Microsite for registration and information, mobile application/interface, maps, educational videos/motion graphics for schools, signage, social media strategy


Problem: No way to keep/access your medical records

Constantly patients are met with the confusion/repetition of never-ending paperwork. And in emergency situations there is little to no way to communicate sometimes vital information about people who are unconscious. This problem is especially important for seniors, high-risk readmissions, individuals, and families with small children or grandparents. A solution for this problem would be the platform for unifying medical records keeping.

With insurance now becoming more available with more options to patients, the transferring of information from either emergency clinics here in SF to their new primary care physicians (or vice versa) is not only costly for hospitals but also time consuming for all parties involved.

Solution: The new emergency bracelet that would store your individual medical information, be used for checking in for appointments/emergency rooms, and unify the medical records keeping for SF.

Implementation: Website for registration and information, mobile application/interface, maps, educational videos/motion graphics, signage, social media strategy

brainstorming: SF's got 99 problemz and healthcare is one


  • cost
  • signing up for affordable care act
  • access to care, prescriptions, dental/optometric
  • access to fresh food, exercise
  • diabetes/obesity problems
  • waiting for appointments/emergency
  • communication between doctors/RNs 
    . especially when non-emergency
    . translations for documents, appointments, Rx
  • knowing PCP options
  • preventative care options 
  • ordering/picking up prescriptions
  • remembering appointments, Rx, and scheduling appointments
  • veterinary care is expensive
  • kids/teens care and access to it
  • quality of care
  • availability of eastern medicine practices
project outline: building a smarter SF

built on the premise that technology should be able to fix the problems that citizens of SF face, we’ll be taking on different categories of problems to be solved, isolate one, and incorporate technology to making it better. 

there are obviously plenty of areas in which technology can be used to make things better and some ideas are already becoming reality. 

this project will have deliverables will be a design strategy experience, design process blog, and comprehensive pitch deck.

components may include, but are not limited to:

- website/microsite

- mobile app or tablet app

- series of interactive posters

- informational kiosk

- video projection

- maps (mobile/online/virtual)

- interactive audio/video signage

- educational/awareness video

- educational/awareness motion graphics spot

- environmental graphics/signage

- social media strategy

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