Introducing our summer movie villain, Kamen Rider Dark Drive Type Next! In Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future, Dark Drive is from the year 2035 and uses the Shift Next Special to transform. 

Using the NEXTridoron, he travels 20 years into the past in order to defeat Kamen Rider Drive and change the world. Seemingly acting under the control of someone else, Dark Drive teams up with the Roidmudes to attack the Kamen Riders of the past. Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron, using the Attack 1 2 3 Tire, along with Kamen Rider Mach try to fight against this evil Rider.

Kamen Rider Dark Drive’s arsenal includes the Next Builder, Next Deco Traveler, and Next Hunter Shift Cars along with his weapon, the Blade Gunner.


The latest scans are beginning to appear online! First off, both Freeze and Brain will undergo a new transformation. Their new golden forms are referred to as an “Ultra Evolved State”. 

As the Roidmudes grow stronger, Drive must as well! Utilizing the Shift Tridoron, Kamen Rider Drive transforms into his most powerful form: Type Tridoron! It seems that all three Kamen Riders will put aside their differences and work together to stop Freeze and Brain.

Ok so this was tweeted but let’s think Luke has laryngitis so can he even talk? And if can’t the only way he could fight with aston is like note cards or a dry erase board. So image that…. Luke and Ashton are standing in front of each other and Bryana is off to the side like okay. Luke has his note cards/ dry erase board and is furiously writting down things like “Spend time with me”, “Michael never leaves the room and smells like hair dye”, “Calum is never wearing clothing and it don’t need to walk in on that again”, “I need you please” and then Ashton is like “I’m just going to leave now” and walks of with Bryana and Luke is furiously shaking his note card/ dry erase board that says “Come back here” then Bryana turns around and notices and goes like “ummm Ash he-” and Ashton is like “nope, no let’s go” And that’s the only why the could have fought and there done