I don’t know how it happened but I ended up having the most low key and seamless moving experience… I am essentially completely moved in and it feels like home. (!) While cleaning/ scrubbing my old apartment today in preparation for giving back the keys, I didn’t feel very much nostalgia (which is quite rare for me.) More than anything I was ready to drive back to my new spot and continue making it feel even more homey.

I’ll try to post a little more later but for now this is my second favorite corner. I am so predictable it’s rather hilarious: Photography/ fashion/ art books, red roses (from the Dr. I’m dating who brings me a bouquet to every date… That’s a whole ‘nother topic…), candle from anthropologie, and my new piece of art by Parvez Taj. Every person has had an incredibly strong reaction upon seeing it. And I love that. We all need sauciness in our life, no? I just like to have it on my walls in addition to other places.

This is such a beautiful corner, and such a sweet moment in my life to have a new place all to myself to call home, that I think I’ll allow myself to feel this happiness for a while.


So excited for my participation in an upcoming group show at the Gospel Flats Farm Stand in Bolinas! I’m gonna be showing work with Maria Schoettler and Emily Ritz ;) to celebrate and get myself ready for my upcoming road trip adventure to upstate New York I’m offering FREE SHIPPING in the shop on any and all prints or paintings- I ship internationally! Offer ends Monday at midnight! After that I will be closing the shop for a month while I camp across the country!