Staring is Impolite - Liam Payne

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Staring is Impolite.”

I’ve taken off every piece of clothing I could. The shirt, shorts, bra and my underwear - it’s all in the dirty hamper now. The air conditioning I guess broke and when I called someone that can repair it. They told me they wouldn’t be able to make it out here till tomorrow morning. I felt miffed and pissed when I hung up, just wanting to stand in front of a fan at this moment. I feel stupid for getting rid of my floor fan from my old house when I moved in with Liam. Speaking of Liam, he’s not even here to witness this heat stroke that is our house.

He told me that he had errands that included the studio and groceries.I would have gone to the store if I had known this was going to happen. I feel the need to crawl out of my skin for how humid it feels. I would go out and buy a fan but you see there’s an issue with doing that too. I really wish I didn’t have excuses or I already would have. I have no idea how to drive in England. I’m not going to get a taxi and buy a fan and then haul that fan into some persons car that might destroy the carpet or the trunk

I texted Liam and told him what happened but there was no response, only my screensaver. I went ahead and began to make some dinner - yes naked, what else could I do? I kept wondering while I cooked that if Liam would just walk in and laugh at how funny I look. I certainly would laugh at myself. I was making some chicken salad and homemade potato wedges when he did walk in.

“Why the fuck is it scorching in here?” I heard some bags drop, the door close and Liam come into the kitchen off the hallway. “What’s up sweetheart?” he smiled sweetly. He didn’t send me a single perverted look or smirk while he looked at me.  

“I would have taken my skin off if I could.” I finished the food, cleaning the dishes.

“Air conditioner?” he must have assumed. He slid off his hoodie and shoes, coming to help me with the dishes.

“Damn thing gave up. I would have gone outside but it’s foggy and sticky out there. Can’t drive and didn’t waste time when you’d be home soon.” I told him, drying the pan I used to grill the chicken.

He chuckled softly, washing the last of the wishes and I dried them. “When will they be by?” he asked finally after a few minutes of silence.

“Sometime between six and nine tomorrow morning.” We ate and Liam didn’t seem bothered one bit nor did he seem to mention anything about me being naked. It’s not like I’ve ever put him in this kind of situation. If I walked in on my boyfriend and he was naked I’d feel compelled to make out with him possibly have sex but not Liam.

Later on that night I took a shower as Liam was brushing his teeth. I still couldn’t seem to break my thoughts from earlier. There is a small part of me that wanted a reaction from him. I finally finished my shower, opening the door and seeing Liam in just his boxers. I squeezed out my hair just looking at him, all the muscles in his back and arms.

“Staring is Impolite, sweetheart.”

“But,” I giggled, wrapping the towel in my hair instead of around my body. “I just want to.” I whispered, moving to stand next to him. “There’s no way you didn’t want to stare at me earlier…” I began brushing my teeth.

“Yes I did want to and I caught myself staring a few times.” there was that chuckle again. “I had to stop myself because as I said, staring isn’t polite.”

“But you’re staring at me, it’s fine.” I had spit my toothpaste out and rested my chin on Liams arm as he cleaned the counter up. “C’mon give in hot stuff.”

He finished, looking towards me in the mirror, looking at my naked body from bottom to top. Meeting my eyes he turned around to face me. He kissed me sweetly without touching me, moving his lips to my jaw. His hands found my waist and I couldn’t hold back that smile of accomplishment. I wanted to just let him kiss me all over and do as he pleased but that’s not how he likes this relationship.

He’s the kind of man that doesn’t expect a favor in return. Liam just wants the resistance component; the component where I squirm and want to get out of his grasp. not enough to hurt me and not enough to call is inappropriate things. He wants me to give in and put up a slight fight for what I want. Liam needs me to understand that he can’t have me just lay there, he needs me to make it exciting.

I began kissing his lips, the toothpaste that was still on my lips clouding my taste. I cherished the times when Liam would let me start things. Whether it was when I touched him or told him dirty things or even influenced him into it. Sometimes it didn’t even work; he’ll even act like it isn’t eating him alive. The desire for sex between us doesn’t seem very strong when we’re doing nothing but when (at least I am) in the mood I feel that desire more than I can hear myself think.

I slid my hands down into his shorts and began to fold them down, slowly taking them off. He didn’t seem to mind for how much I kept attaching my lips to his. I pull them down which gives him the time and excuse to grasp my thigh. His hand is there probably for a few seconds and then I back away.

“C’mon then.” I motion for him to follow me into the bedroom. There’s this feeling women get when they have complete control over their man and that exact feeling is flooding every ounce of my body. It’s probably some kind of hormone activating in my body but damn is it working on me. I let my hair down, it now being damp and falling down my dry torso.

Liams eyes were a dialated I could see from how close together we stood. His heart beating fast when I left my heart on his chest. His breath uneven from kissing and his lips looked piquant. I began to speak of dirty things in his ear, the way he liked it. I was beginning to over arouse myself and a drop or two of what you could call “water” running down my thigh. Now you see why these are my favorite kind of nights, favorite kinds of times.

“It’s pretty chilly in here.” Liam whispered once I stopped for a minute.

“God it’s hot as hell in here.” I pushed him down by his shoulder and climbed on top of him, sitting down on his thighs. I ran my hands from his defined v-line to his shoulders squeezing his trapezius muscles. “Touch me.” I whispered, feeling further aroused.

His hand found my spine and he traces his fingers down it slowly, causing me to sit up, atop him straight. I had heard a few minor groans leave his mouth from earlier in the bathroom and I couldn’t help but want to hear more of him. He was beginning to spread my legs and touch me around my upper legs slowly. I had another plan, itching my hands to run my nails softly on his balls. That got the best reaction; a low, deep groan.

“Is teasing impolite too?” I whispered seductively (or what I hoped was seductive) in his ear. He grasped my butt, pulling me closer to him.

I’m not one to give Liam head but it sure does seem appealing as of right now. Truth me told, I don’t really know how. I never went around sucking people but I’ve been in a relationship with Liam for three years. I’m surprised it’s never happened.

I tried to move myself down away from where Liam had pulled me up to. I went to grab him and Liam was already a step ahead of me. Sliding out from under me, turning me over and getting on top of me. “You’re soaking yourself, sweetheart…” he pulled my legs on either side of him. Liam bowed his head down, sliding his hands under my butt and attached his lips below. I let out a light scream and a giggle that soon turned into a loud moan.

Liam hummed in gratitude and satisfaction. “Gonna have to do,” I began looking at him when he began to suck hard on my vagina and held onto my legs. “Do better than that.” I swallowed hard, scrunching his short hair in my fingers. “For fucks sake.” I screamed, throwing my head back on the bed. Only to find that my head was over the edge and I almost scared myself. “Move back hot,” I swallowed, “stuff.”

He lifted his head, sitting up a little to pull me towards him with a smile on his face. He was stimulating my vagina more than my clit, making me a little less fidgety. It harder for me to orgasm when it’s my vagina rather than cilt Liam knows yet he still tries. “Damn.” he whispered to himself, leaning back up to climb over me and stay face to face. I noticed him reach his thumb to my cilt, rubbing roughly. “Feelin’ good?” he hums into my ear.

I didn’t respond, only turned my head to the side with a managed smile. I was trying hard to not smile or laugh or moan out in what Liam was causing me. When he did this for the first time I could just lay there with no expression on my face until I hit orgasm and then I would moan so loud it hurt my own ears. He went a little faster and I felt as though I hit a brick wall.

“Liam!” I screamed out involuntarily.

“Ah.” Liam sighed with a smile on his face - a face of accomplishment. He let my legs fall back down softly on the bed and reached up to my breasts. He kissed my nipples, looking down as he kissed around them. Without him realizing (again) I grazed my nails over his balls and squeezed them a tad, running my hand up his dick. “Oh baby, {Y/N}..” he paused his lips just barely touching my left nipple.

I managed to slip from underneath him this time, still running my hand barely over him. I made him sit up as I did so, then pressing my hot lips to his. I climbed on top of his legs, him helping me as I laughed. I didn’t mean for it to happen but I slid down perfectly onto him and watched as he swung his head back. I moved my hips up, down, side to side to gain some friction.

We both became moaning messes, drowning in each others pleasure. I was moving quickly moving my hands slowly down his chest and occasionally holding them behind his neck. I looked at Liam, the way that sweat was forming on his arms and forehead just so barely. I tried to steady myself and work with his solid and strong thrusts. Grunts were coming from his barely parted lips. “{Y/N}!” a cross between a grunt and a groan came out of his mouth. “Faster, fuck.” that was most certainly a moan.

He laid down with his hands still on my hips, barely helping me. I rubbed my hands up to his chest and held them there. I began to move faster, up and down, watching Liam’s expression change. I felt short, quick moans coming up from my throat as I looked away from Liam. His eyes were shut barely, only open the slightest. These are moments I cherish the most, seeing Liam so vulnerable and being the only one that gets to see him this way.

“Almost there, give me a second.” Liam’s accent was thick, thicker than I ever hear it. With a few seconds he was lying down still except for his chest that rose and fell quickly. His came and he must not have gotten the impact at first because a few seconds after that he gripped my still moving hips and my name slipped out.

I still wasn’t to a release, what would be my second release. I kept moving quickly to getting a rhythm similar to Liam’s breathing. I was losing the energy to keep moving, finally slowing down with heavy sighs. Liam looked spent; eyes closed, hands limp on my thighs and his head resting on the bed. I began to get off of him, making sure I didn’t hurt him.  “Tired?” I laughed, sitting next to him on the bed as he was silent.

“Just the slightest.” his voice was at a whisper, his hand reaching next to me. “I’m sorry I didn’t get you there. Working so much that was pretty quick.” In reality we probably were at it for an hour but it never seems that long.

“An hour actually.” We were horizontal on the bed, lying next to each other. He looked at me as if he didn’t believe me. Sitting up he spread my leg and smiled at me.

“You’re soaked actually.” a small smirk lifted to his lips.

It’s not polite to stare, Liam.” I giggled.