First and foremost let me introduce myself.  My name is Daiquan Sterling, but everybody calls me “Lil Sterlin”.  I like football and I play it football…well I like sports haha.  I listen to all rap music and some R&B.  I’m 21 years old, my b-day is December 8th.  I’m a Sagittarius.  I’m funny, handsome, loyal, confident, ambitious, most of all I’m truthful.  I don’t lie and last but not least I’m cocky when need be.  I’m from Baltimore MD, still live there.  I got 25 years.  I go back to court this year.  I have no kids.  I’m looking for a female friend, black, white, yellow, green, it don’t matter.  I’m just looking for a friend that understand the struggle and want a friend that’s in the struggle.  With this being said I hope I hear from you soon.

Daiquan Sterling 421138/3039760
18800 Roxbury Rd
Hagerstown, MD 21746

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Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat

Yo, gather round hustlers - that’s if you still livin
And get on down to that ol’ Jig rhythm
Here’s a couple of jewels to help you get through your bid in prison
A ribbon in the sky, keep your head high
I, Young ‘Vito, voice of the young people
Mouthpiece for hustlers - I’m back, motherfuckers
Your reign on the top was shorter than leprechauns
Y'all can’t fuck with Hov’, what type of X y'all on?
I got great lawyers for cops so dress warm
Charges don’t stick to dude, he’s Teflon
I’m too sexy for jail like I’m Right Said Fred
I’m not guilty, now gimme back my bread
Mr. District Attorney, I’m not sure if they told you
I’m on TV every day, where the fuck could I go to?
Plus - Hov’ don’t run, Hov’ stand and fight
Hov’ a soldier, Hov’ been fightin’ all his life so
What could you do to me? It’s not new to me
Sue me? Fuck you, what’s a couple dollars to me?
But you will respect me, simple as that
Or I got no problem goin’ back
I’m representin’ for the seat where Rosa Parks sat
Where Malcolm X was shot, where Martin Luther was popped
So off we go, let the trumpets blow
And hold on, because the driver of the mission is a pro
The ruler’s back