First and foremost let me introduce myself.  My name is Daiquan Sterling, but everybody calls me “Lil Sterlin”.  I like football and I play it football…well I like sports haha.  I listen to all rap music and some R&B.  I’m 21 years old, my b-day is December 8th.  I’m a Sagittarius.  I’m funny, handsome, loyal, confident, ambitious, most of all I’m truthful.  I don’t lie and last but not least I’m cocky when need be.  I’m from Baltimore MD, still live there.  I got 25 years.  I go back to court this year.  I have no kids.  I’m looking for a female friend, black, white, yellow, green, it don’t matter.  I’m just looking for a friend that understand the struggle and want a friend that’s in the struggle.  With this being said I hope I hear from you soon.

Daiquan Sterling 421138/3039760
18800 Roxbury Rd
Hagerstown, MD 21746

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