I was once faced with a decision to please the critics or please my fellow man?! A critic ain’t never done nothing but criticized and we work for a living! @hatefulmechanic making the maker proud! #zaceusa #farmtostreets #sewnforlife #ohio

#zaceusa #fieldjacket ๐Ÿ˜ I had to freak the funk and line the entire inside with green corduroy for several reasons, because it needed to be warmer and more comfortable and be better than any denim field jacket ever made. And because @he orgia_bulldog_nation and his brother didn’t like how “Raw” it felt. So here it is! Still needs dressed with #rawcoppersnaps #ykk #americanmade but when it’s dressed proper it’s gonna shine even more! The #ladieswear version has pink corduroy in place of the green as shown in this pic. Lastly, the pockets are lined as well and THEY ARE WARM. Wore mine yesterday in zero temps without snaps and was impressed how it functioned in the cold climate and how well it looked ๐Ÿ˜œ if your into that type of thing…. Of course. #sewninohio #sewnforlife available early spring for F/W 2014 wears ๐Ÿ™

Well, all the #zaceusa product shots are in the hands of the webman and my 2-1-14 launch date today seems like a reality! But seeing Denim and Diesel in their #kidswear 11oz #slimfit #jeans makes me feel so great! I refused to launch the site prior to completing their collection! How cool it must be to be these two awesome dudes and have their own fresh gear! T minus sometime today! #denimanddiesel #sewninohio #sewnforlife

Always so great to see the man and legend @banditphotographer ! This strapless overall was designed after a pair he found excavating a barn! Early 1900’s, took me about a year to get it right! This fit and style is going to be available from @myersandmeyers #heirloomdenimworks in the next few weeks! It’s a great pleasure to call Cory a friend as he is also great inspiration! #ohioboys #madeinohio #sewnforlife

@workin_in_workwear showing #zaceusa some continued graces in his dedication to wearing and working the overalls on a steady basis. Those that know me and support my craft understand that I live for genuine feedback on how the denim performs. As a farmer myself, when I get a piece if equipment or a pair of boots or new denim that I develop, I work it all as hard as I can! Follow @workin_in_workwear for some real cool reviews of premium workwear from a real blue collared, red blooded American family man! #zaceusa #sewninohio #sewnforlife #farmtofashion

#zaceusa sneak peek of the webstore! The #shorteralls #shortalls are in full stock for spring #farmtofashion . Something about a sexy lady working in the dirt and dressing up in heels or boots in shorteralls for a night out on the town makes me ๐Ÿ˜€. All the shorteralls are made with #italiandenim stretch and have varying color bandana print pocketing. Form, Function, Fashion! #sewninohio #sewnforlife

Success!!!!! @morningviewfarmer my ace in dirt loves his #zaceusa #bibs #overalls !! Says he loves the deep pockets made with denim, legs are tapered to fit in or out of a boot to avoid getting snagged making for less bulk throughout the legs! Dual tab zipper! And cell phone is secured! I am soooooo happy to have accomplished this goal! #sewninohio #sewnforlife

After 2 weeks of field testing the #zaceusa #carryall with my 15” MacBook, iPad and the iPhone and large rear inside sleeves, I can say that this bag will endure the test of time. All 4 inside pockets are lined with black fleece, dual outside pockets big enough to hold chargers and such are securely fastened with nickel snaps. Heavy duty swivel shoulder and waist straps. Made from 15.3 oz #coneselvedge and the flap is lined with grey bandana material. Damn! It’s a keeper! Looking forward to sharing all the detailed product shots on the zaceusa.com site launch 2-1-14 #word #farmtofashion #sewninohio #sewnforlife #worldwar2reproduction

These 15.3 oz #conemills #selvedgedenim #harvesterwallets made of excess cut drop materials from the #zaceusa and #myersandmeyers gear are quite possibly the raddest wallet ever made. I know I’m partial but seriously, #rawcopperbuttons secured with #nickeloverallhangers , nickel swivel belt clip and decked out with the #redselvedge edge. They’re not only รผber workwear fashionable but durable and functional. Feels awesome to gift these to those who played to win and won. Just the way I live my life! #playtowin #madeinohio #sewnforlife