Thank you for the suggestions on the paint! Unfortunately the paint isn’t washable and i’d like to keep the ivory/purple color scheme so other colored (or lighter) dots is a no go. 

I’m not unhappy with how it looks…I just liked it better before! But I think it will work out in the end, and now that i’ve pinned the ruched organza onto the hem I like it a lot more. 

Creating Magic Clothing

With my mind on making clothes, I started thinking about how you can make articles of clothing with specific intentions. You could have an outfit that resonates with stealth and invisibility, to keep people from noticing and/or approaching you in public. Conversely, you could make one for meeting new people. You could have an outfit solely for ritual, one that evokes a sense of calm and clarity. You could have ones for luck, safe travel, anti-anxiety, whatever. 

As a rule of thumb, you would want the physical appearance of the clothing to correspond with its intention– the incognito outfit, for example, would most likely be neutral in color and mundane in design. The type of material used would be another quality to take into consideration. For ritual clothing you might want something flowy and comfortable. Personally, I would opt for thin, sheer fabrics when designing a ritual outfit as a representation of the thinning of the veil, so to speak. You could even embroider sigils onto clothing. 

The energy put forth to create is powerful. Sewing is a great opportunity to imbue your intent into something functional. 



Bodice, date unknown, silk, velvet, L 33 in. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Miss Dusa Harris, N0106.1971a.


Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been making so many plushies to sell. PLEASE HELP THERE ARE SO MANY
I don’t know whether to open my sales to online now because I don’t know how to navigate PayPal and the only way I would get payment would be through Venmo. I am not savvy with these things and I apologize for that.

anonymous asked:

The dress I brought for my cosplay is a little shorter than I was expecting. I'm not sure I feel comfortable enough to wear a dress that short. Any tips on how to make it longer?

Hi Anon! 

I am no stranger to this issue! There are a few things you can do though! 

  • Add trim/lace/ruffles to the hem of the dress. This might not be totally accurate, but  you can often add a little extra length this way and pass it off as “extra details” (this is even easier if you’re not cosplaying a canon outfit!) Since you bought the dress, I’m assuming you are not competing in any sort of craftsmanship competition, so these small details won’t make much difference - you’ll still be recognizable in the hall! :D
  • Wear an underskirt under it! Google images fond me this photo of jellydancer that shows how an underskirt can look under a skirt! 

If neither of those are going to work for you, you can at least “cut your losses” and protect your booty! Here are some things I recommend wearing under short skirts!

  1. Dance Tights/Nylons - Dance Tights smooth out ANY issue with your legs//but and are thick enough that you can’t usually see through them!
  2. Shapewear - Not only are these more covering than normal underwear, but smoothing things out can make clothes fall nicer! It helps for me to gain some length sometimes because my booty can act like a shelf without shapewear! Smoothing it lets the fabric fall wear it should, not get bunched up on your butt/hips/stomach/etc. 
  3. Undergarments - In a similar vein, try wearing a different bra! If you don’t NEED to have gigantic bazonga boobs for the cosplay, try wearing a less padded or even a sports bra so less dress fabric is needed to cover your chest! The extra there will translate to length. :) 
  4. If it is still too short after changing up your under stuff, DEFINITELY wear shorts or a petticoat or bloomers or something to cover your butt JUST IN CASE it shows. And be careful not to bend over or anything while wearing it. :) I recommend having a friend on booty patrol to tug down your dress if it starts to ride too far up. ;) 

There’s not a ton you can do unfortunately. :( Depending on how the dress is constructed, you MAY be able to let out the waist and resew the skirt/bodice together with less seam allowance, but I would not recommend this unless you know what you’re doing. :) 

I hope this was helpful at least a little! 

Good Luck Anon! 

<3 L2S Cosplay


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How to sew a T-shirt  by Izzy MEIMsaab



Full length pictures of my robe à l'anglaise! It was May Day, so I went with a flower crown rather than a cap. This was originally intended to be worn with a burgundy petticoat, but I didn’t have time to make it, so I wore this over a blue skirt I’ve had for a while, and I actually quite like it.


How To Measure Your Body by DanielaTabois



I made these three bodices today- they’re not quite finished though as I’ve run it of eyelets and need to go buy some more. Also need to go buy a butt ton of new lace trim, ribbon and tiny accessories like bows and flowers and buttons.

At the moment I’ve just been making what I can out of the few bits of trim and accessories I have but normally when I make an outfit I purchase only what I need to complete it so I don’t have much spare. I’ve got some gorgeous fabrics that I’m just dying to use but I don’t have anything appropriate to put with them.