Between the two socks I made a sweater, capri bottoms and knee high socks in a whole Deadpool pajama set for my friend. Her doll isn’t as hippy and thick thighed as my doll, so the pants and socks won’t be as stretched out. I’m really happy with the whole set!


The Making of Lane’s New Cinderella Dress (Ferdalump on IG)

We’re goin’ baroque with these simple n’ chic pearl patch earrings. A unique combo of gold weave patches, grey pearls and sapphire beads come together to create ear art we seriously heart!

To create: Thread needle with approximately 4 inches of thread and poke through the top of the patch. Thread a pearl bead then a jump ring and loop needle back through the pearl and patch. Tighten the thread and tie a secure knot; snip off excess thread with scissors. Connect the jump ring to an earring wire with pliers. Sew on each of the three Swarovski crystal beads across the bottom of the patch with needle and thread. Tighten the thread and tie a secure knot; snip off excess thread. Repeat steps with the other set to create a pair of earrings.

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