Yeah I love Severus and Hermione together. If you think the age gap is way too big then I don’t expect you to believe that Alan Rickman is the hottest man alive.

I just think these two characters are meant to be together, that’s my opinion :)

( btw I respect J.K. Rowling’s work - obviously - but I can’t stand Hermione and Ron as a couple ).

PS: If Alan hadn’t made me cry in the last HP movie, I would hate the Severus / Lily. I don’t think she deserved Severus, but then again, everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.

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SS/HG: Whatchu Say

[video blocked in a lot of countries… if you know a place where I can upload it without it being blocked anywhere, let me know!]

Also, Lily? Damn you and your impeccable taste in fanfiction! I was having a nosey through some of your HP art recently, and saw your fan art for this fic. I’ve spent the last.. like, week and a half? GLUED to the FF.net app on my phone, reading Pet Project. Now I’ve gotten up to date and I’m having withdrawal symptoms. THIS NEEDS TO BE CONTINUED, NOOOWWW.

All of which throws the fact into sharp relief that I have yet to finish A&A.. Maybe I’ll tackle that tomorrow.