I am A Seventh-Day Adventist.

There are a list full of things we can’t do. Things that we want to do, but can’t because it goes against God’s will. So we either have to choose, the world or God. What could be a harmless decision is actually a big one, that does effect you  later on. 

It’s Hard to be a SDA. I can’t lie. And some may say, being in a religion should NEVER be hard. But look at it this way, God never said It would be easy. To me getting close to God is the HARDEST THING TO DO, if you aren’t locked in a BOX. Because EVERYTHING is temptation and temptation is SIN. 

I love my religion. I honestly do. I know that this is what I think is right, not because I WAS RAISED in it, but because it was PROVEN to me as to why I should be apart of this religion. 

This is LIFE to me. The Parties, the movies, the piercing and tattoos mean nothing to me, if I can’t fill that hole in my heart. And that hole can only be filled with Gods love. 

Happy Sabbath. Good Night :D

Happy Sabbath (James 1:5-7)

Happy Sabbath
“If any of you need wisdom, you should ask God, and it will be given to you. God is generous and won’t correct you for asking. But when you ask for something, you must have faith and not doubt. Anyone who doubts is like an ocean wave tossed around in a storm. If you are that kind of person, you can’t make up your mind, and you surely can’t be trusted. So don’t expect the Lord to give you anything at all.”

The Parents’ Part and God’s Part—Fathers and mothers, you have a solemn work to do. The eternal salvation of your children depends upon your course of action. How will you successfully educate your children? Not by scolding, for it will do no good. Talk to your children as if you had confidence in their intelligence. Deal with them kindly, tenderly, lovingly. Tell them what God would have them do. Tell them that God would have them educated and trained to be laborers together with Him. When you act your part, you can trust the Lord to act His part.—Child Guidance, 33. – {VSS 33.2} #Jesus #fathers #mothers #parents #parenting #Christianparenting #SDAparenting #SDAparents #Christianparents #SeventhdayAdventist #SeventhdayAdventistparents #egw #EllenWhite #EllenGWhite #ChildGuidance

Happy Sabbath!!!!

May Jesus bless you on this wonderful Sabbath! P.S. God has allowed me to discover this wonderful app called “Audio Verse “. Lord, let me tell you, It’s one of my favorite apps. This app has sermons upon sermons upon sermons that are inspired by the Holy Spirit! God has a message for you, why dont go download it and understand God from a different perspective !!!! You can download it from your Android playstore or the Apple App Store. TTYL and Happy Sabbath!! Also, you guys should try out 3abn and It is Written Networks!!! God is opening my eyes every time I hear a sermon or discussion! Spread the Word! (If you havent already!)